District X: Inferno

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District X: Inferno
Dates run: March 2-7, 2009
Run By: Jason
Read the logs: District X: Inferno

Called by his old partner in the NYPD for help, Bishop becomes involved in the newly developed "Mutant Town."


Bishop, Callisto, Clarice Ferguson, Doug Ramsey, Mark Sheppard, Remy LeBeau

Bubba, Storm, Meltdown


March 2-7, 2009

Plot Summary

When a gang war began to escalate between the gang lords Kaufman and Zapurder, Bishop's former partner from NYPD (Ishmael Ortega) contacted him in order to handle the situation before it turned into something the NYPD wasn't capable of dealing with. With the aid of members of the Snow Valley Memorial Center and the X-Men, a plan was coordinated to compile a case against the two men through surveillance, arrange a meeting covertly that the bosses and lieutenants would all attend, then ambush the gangs. Left behind was enough evidence for the DA to prosecute members of both gangs who had been injured in what appeared to be a fight over turf during at meeting in the District X club Inferno.

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Due to his use of Wanda's powers during Day Zero, Bishop found himself having some trouble during the take-down.


Plotrunner: Jason

District X is a comic line centered around Bishop from actual Marvel canon. In the comic series Bishop is an FBI agent and all time travel has been removed.

This plot was spurred into action in response to a scene from Scrubs, which is referenced in the plot and also has been noted as Bishop's favorite show in game.