Emerald Isle

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Emerald Isle
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Dates run: April 5-21, 2006
Run By: Sil
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“But Sweet Mother Mary, how yeh’ve grown… I came to see my Terry, but who’s this lovely young woman?”

You can't go home again - Terry discovers that her beloved Uncle Tom isn't the man she adored as a child. Or perhaps he is, and it's her that has grown.


Theresa Cassidy, Sean Cassidy

Tom Cassidy


April 5-21, 2006

Plot Summary

On vacation to Cassidy Keep with her father, Terry was surprised by her uncle, whom she had thought was still in jail, suddenly appearing whilst Sean was out. He hustled her out to a pub, and when the locals started giving them odd looks, departed. It was then Terry realised that Tom had not in fact made parole as he had told her - he'd escaped from jail, and had no intention of going back.

Tom was planning a big heist, and needed Terry's powers to pull it off. However, Terry did not want to return to the life of crime she'd had with Tom as a child, and carefully made several phone calls and emails, setting Tom up to be arrested. When it came to the moment, the plan went awry, Tom realising Terry didn't want to continue with his life, but instead of fleeing he merely waited for the police to take him. Terry then returned home.

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Terry asked her father if they could go to the Keep after the mess with her pregnancy scare and Bobby sleeping with Jane.


Plotrunner: Sil