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Dates run: January 29 - February 1, 2004
Run By: Ben
Read the logs: Gangsters

"So nice to see you. You have a beautiful sister."

Shiro's past comes back to haunt him - and threaten the lives of the Rasputin siblings.


Shiro Yoshida, Piotr Rasputin, Marie D'Ancato, Paige Guthrie, Warren Worthington, Illyana Rasputin

Artie Maddicks


January 29 - February 1, 2004

Plot Summary

After discovering his cousin, the Silver Samurai, is responsible for the deaths of several people in Japan, Shiro received an email instructing him to bring Piotr and the seven-year-old Illyana to a particular tea shop in Salem Center in order to meet with Keniuchio's sons. Using a trip to the movies with Artie, Paige, Marie and Warren as an excuse to bring the Rasputins into town, Shiro then led Piotr into the backroom of the tea shop, where a number of Yakuza were waiting.

Shiro himself was double-crossed, however, when the Yakuza grabbed Illyana, using her as a bargaining chip against the big Russian. Incensed that he had been duped into betraying his friends, Shiro attacked the Yakuza, Piotr joining him.

Backup arrived in the form of Marie and Paige, who hadn't been idle. Making sure Artie was safe, they entered the rear of the shop, Marie securing Illyana whilst Paige in a metal husk, provided a distraction. The Yakuza were quickly overpowered.

Later, Shiro apologised to Piotr for betraying him, and to his surprise, he was forgiven.

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Piotr was targeted because of his Russian Mafia connections. It was also suggested that he had somehow failed to prevent the deaths of his and Illyana's parents, although this was never confirmed.


Plotrunner: Ben