Gareb Bashur

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Gareb Bashur
Portrayed by Faran Tahir
Known Aliases: Blackbox
Affiliations: formerly Infonet
Socked By: Ryan
Introduction: Operation: Dead Letter Office

A former Infonet courier, Gareb "Blackbox" Bashur now acts as a freelance arms dealer, trading and selling weapons and information to anyone who meets his price.


Name: Gareb Bashur

Aliases: Blackbox

Affiliation: formerly Infonet, now freelance

First appearance: July 31, 2009

Family: none known


Gareb Bashur is a mutant of Pakistani origin. His background is unknown save that he was a courier for Infonet in the mid-to-late 1980s, using his mutant ability to securely transfer electronic data between clients. In 1989, he faked his own death and went underground, acting as a black marketeer and 'fixer', dealing in items that Infonet was unable to deliver.

When he attempted a mass auction of stolen items in South Africa, X-Force managed to break up the sale and cause massive chaos. In the melee, Bashur was approached by Devi Gavin, who offered him Infonet's amnesty in exchange for a return of their stolen items, and intimated the possibility of future business arrangements.


Bashur can absorb, retain, and transfer immense amounts of electronic data, using his own brain as a storage device. He does not have any innate ability to access the data he stores, although he has at one time utilized the services of a telepath to implant an eidetic copy of various intelligence personnel databases in his head, the equivalent of a "Who's Who" of the intelligence community.


Operation: Dead Letter Office


Socked by: Ryan

PB: Faran Tahir