Ian McNee

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Ian McNee
Portrayed by Kevin J. O'Connor
Known Aliases: Sorcerer Supreme
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: Pride Goeth

"I'm afraid I hit you a little harder than I wanted. I've never done that before. And you have a hard head."

Cursed to tell the truth, McNee inhabits the magical underworld, fleecing the unsuspecting.


Name: Ian McNee

Aliases: Sorcerer Supreme

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: November 6, 2008

Family: Unknown


A philosophy student from Edinburgh who was dabbling in sorcery on the side, with the overly-ambitious plans of resurrecting a mythical society of mages, with himself as Sorcerer Supreme. He was doing well - as long as he limited his plans to theory and studying. As soon as he embarked on the actual path of putting the plan in action, he promptly irritated a local sorcerous grandee who promptly cursed him, placing the truth geas on him.

Unfortunately that proved doubly effective, since Ian was not entirely pure in his approach to his academic work as well. So he got kicked out of school, his family was mildy pissed and he left Scotland soon after - eventually ending up in Paris where he carved out a niche as a middle man of the local magical circles. He also became the third (and longest lived) servant of Shagroth, a Lovecraftian-type horror from another dimension that had managed to intrude into this world by means of a dimensional weakness. McNee was promised a cure for his curse in return for providing the demon with a human body. Unfortunately for McNee, he chose Farouk, which lead to rescue by two pissed-off members of X-Force's occult section and McNee's own fleeing from the scene to set up shop somewhere safer.

He resurfaced again in August 2009, this time pulling the strings of a young mutant whose powers had driven him psychotic. Using a crystal which honed magical influence, McNee used the young man to take care of security at a museum curated by Agatha Harkness. Unable to complete his theft, he and his 'helper' returned the night after, only to come across Wanda Maximoff and three other members of X-Force. McNee lost control of his puppet and was forced to flee for his own life. He was, however, able to take an unknown magical artifact with him, for an unknown purpose.


Very little magical ability - he tends to steal power from others and use it for himself, or have to piggyback onto the more powerful. He has the gift of the gab and is good at making others trust him, more likely to happen due to the curse.


Pride Goeth

House of Wolves


Socked by: Frito

PB: Kevin J. O'Connor

Based on the Marvel comics character of the same name.