Karl Lykos

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Karl Lykos
Portrayed by Goran Visnjic
Known Aliases: N/A
Affiliations: N/A
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: First Do No Harm

...what used to be a man, and was now what Kyle could only describe as a pterodactyl wearing a pair of blue jeans.

A former doctor with a unique set of mutant powers, Lykos attacked Laurie Collins and Kyle Gibney in order to make them his lunch.


Name: Karl Lykos

Aliases: N/A

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: First Do No Harm

Family: Unknown


Lykos was a doctor in a minor hospital in Manhattan, until being shot caused him to lose control of his minor energy draining powers and develop a new and startling ability to change into a humanoid pterodactyl.

The nearly fatal wound caused him to have a surge in what was formerly a very minor ability to drain the energy of others, and he killed one of the EMT's trying to stabilize him and nearly killed the other. The overload of energy triggered the manifestation of his other power. Panicked, he fled, instinctively flying away on the newly developed wings.

The EMT who survived reported the identity of their now-missing patient, and the NYPD put out a missing persons report and a call for him to be questioned. Unwilling to admit to what he had done and fearing prison, Lykos hid, resorting to petty theft to survive, unhinging him further and driving him into a severe paranoid state.

In February 2011, X-Factor took a case involving multiple mutant disappearances in District X. Lykos was found on the security footage of every last known location of the missing persons. He had been taking work here and there as a day worker which was how X-Factor obtained his information. Through police contacts Bishop found out he was wanted for questioning. He had been feeding on mutants with either enhanced physical attributes or who had control over natural elements. After being taken down by X-Factor with a little help from Kyle, SHIELD showed up to apprehend him and take him to The Vault. Most of the bodies of his victims remain missing and he refuses to state where they are.

He is currently imprisoned.


Lykos has the ability to absorb the energy of other living creatures, including (and preferring) human beings and other mutants. He has limited control over how much he takes, tending to err on the side of 'too much', which often triggers his transformation into his pterodactyl form.

In pterodactyl form he is superhumanly strong and is capable of flight, with a fifteen foot wingspan. Like Jay Guthrie and Janet Van Dyne the wings are an additional set of limbs, and not part of his arms. He also has a hard beak and sharp talons on his hands and feet, and a long tail. In pterodactyl form he has reptilian physiology, and is cold-blooded.


First Do No Harm

Dinosaur Bugaloo


Socked by: Twiller

PB: Goran Visnjic


Dr. Karl Lykos is the real name of Sauron from Marvel comics, although the name Sauron is not used in X- Project.