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Sauron 2: Dinosaur Bugaloo
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Dates run: February 2-6, 2011
Run By: Frito, Nichole
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"What does this mean?" Bishop held up a pad with "-tic" scribbled on it. "They all have that in common. It's an energy indicator, right?" He asked honestly, not being one for etymology.

"Aye, they're all a something or other kinetic. Geokinetic, gravitikinetic, hydrokinetic. A couple have stuff like superhuman agility or longevity," Vanessa explained. "It's all physical. Either they've got enhanced stuff we all have or they can manipulate things like water and the earth, light or gravity. I'm not sure if that puts them all in the same category exactly, but it's literally the only thing that had in common. That and they live in the neighborhood."

When X-Factor is hired to look into recent mutant disappearances and one death they stumble onto a culprit who is all too familiar for their Girl Friday.


Bishop, Vanessa Carlysle, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Laura Kinney, Laurie Collins, Kyle Gibney

Karl Lykos, Calvin Hobbes, John Munch


February 2-6, 2011

Plot Summary

X-Factor is hired by Calvin Hobbes (a local mutant whose mutantancy allows him to become an animate tiger plushie) to investigate several disappearances and one murder in District X because his lover was the murder victim. In his meeting with Bishop Calvin claims that reports have been filed and there is an open case with the NYPD, but that it is going nowhere. He outright states that the police are anti-mutant (and implies anti-gay) and just don't care about a handful of mutants going missing. Hobbes believes it's some kind of anti-mutant serial killer. The NYPD says there isn't enough information to suspect that, since none of the autopsy reports from the known dead suggest any foul play, and 'mutants go missing all the time.'

Vanessa, Jean-Paul and Laura talk to family, friends, coworkers and neighbors of all the missing people. What they turn up doesn't exactly help them much. Apart from all living in the same neighborhood none of the missing persons share anything in common. They don't know the same people, work in the same places, attend the same places of worship, frequent the same businesses, etc. The only thing X-Factor can figure links them beyond the neighborhood is that they all have mutations that either allow them to manipulate natural forces or they have enhanced human abilities.

In the course of talking to people associated with the missing people the three investigators also obtain security footage from the places where each of the people were last seen. After some time of watching these tapes on repeat they realize one guy was present at every location, but they don't know who he is. Meanwhile, Bishop pays a visit to an NYPD contact, John Munch, who passes along the case files to him and informs him a second body has been found of the group of missing mutants.

After filling everyone in on what they've learned, including that none of the friends or family know who the guy form the tapes is, the team splits up to track down the identity of their mystery man. Jean-Paul and Laura find the guy and follow him while Vanessa and Bishop try to track down his identity. Eventually a foreman at a meat packing plant gives up Karl Lykos' name, address and phone number to Vanessa and Bishop (under the impression Lykos is with Vanessa's kid sister she can't get a hold of). A number of calls later and Bishop finds out Lykos is wanted for questioning by the police.

The next day Jean-Paul and Laura are back on tailing Lykos while Vanessa and Bishop see if they can find out anything else before confronting the guy. After handing off the autopsy files to Laurie with a request she get Jean or Hank to look for anything useful in them, he and Vanessa see what else they can find out. Only then everything starts to go wrong.

Laurie, while out to lunch with Kyle, reads through the autopsy files and finds striking resemblance to her own medical files. By time she remembers the connection and what it means Lykos has already gotten wind of his tail. A fight ensues between Lykos and his tail, but Jean-Paul manages to get a call to Vanessa for help. She and Bishop rush to the scene and once there Laurie gets Bishop on the phone in an attempt to warn him about Lykos. Vanessa calls Jean in hopes of getting SHIELD there and quickly gets on crowd control with Laurie while the others fight off and eventually subdue Lykos.

Once SHIELD shows up they take Lykos into custody and transfer him to The Vault.

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Trivia and Meta


Jean-Paul, Laura and Kyle all took a hit from Lykos' powers during their fight, but it was missing the Super Bowl and eating a giant pizza thanks to SHIELD questioning that really seemed to rankle Kyle.


Plotrunner: Frito, Nichole

John Munch is a character from the Law & Order franchise who Frito is slightly obsessed with. His inclusion in the plot was to further his status as the "most crossing over-est character ever."

The advertising poster was designed by Mackinzie.

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