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This page is part of the X-Project "Phase 1" universe - that is, the game from its onset in May 2003 until January 20, 2015.

For X-Factor from January 21, 2015, go to Phase 2.



Organization: X-Factor Investigations
First Seen: July 22, 2010

X-Factor Investigations is a private investigative agency located in the center of District X.

First Appearance

July 2010 - Vanessa and Bishop investigated a number of missing persons who turned out to be related to Haven and the Untouchables losing their mutations.


After Vanessa Carlysle left her job at Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs and X-Force she spent a few months figuring out what she wanted to do. What she came up with was a PI firm in District X so the mutants there would have someone they could trust to look into things for them, help protect them from those who wanted to target them for being mutants and also direct them to the proper people to help them when needed. She went to Charles Xavier to bounce ideas off of and he extended her an offer. The Xavier Institute would help fund her agency as long as they would be a resource of the Institute. This meant She'd have to agree to looking into strange readings the Professor got from Cerebro that he didn't feel warranted X-Men attention and things like that. In turn for his help, though, she'd need to keep things strictly above board. No shady dealings or questionable tactics. At least not on the books where it can be traced back to the agency and therefore Xavier's name.

Vanessa accidentally recruited Lucas Bishop who obtained a PI license and the pair were set to open shop. Vanessa did the legwork to find them an office and get all the paperwork in line while working with Xavier to ensure she had all her business bases covered. What she hadn't realized she'd acquired, though, was a "Girl Friday," who she promptly gave to Bishop. Over time others joined - Laura Kinney and Jean-Paul Beaubier - while Sarah Vale came on board to take on the Girl Friday position from Laurie Collins and Sarah's sister, Jessie, came in to help fill more hours as the office's Girl Friday when Sarah wasn't working.


Lucas Bishop
Bishop 2.psd.png
License holding Private Investigator.
Full-time employee.

Vanessa Carlysle - Phase 1
Non-license holding investigator
Full-time employee.
Agency Owner

Adrienne Frost
Summer full-time employee and year round consultant for psychometrist purposes.

Jessica Vale
Girl Friday
Flexible but mostly full-time employee.

Sarah Vale
Girl Friday.
Full-time employee


Warren Worthington
Warren icon.png
As needed consultant for civil law issues.
Jennifer Walters
As needed consultant for criminal law issues.
General, as needed help primarily helping with cases dealing with homeless, runaway or street kids.

Former Employees

  • Laura Kinney - worked at XFI from the early days in 2010 until November 2011 when she went to travel with her boyfriend, Kevin Ford for an unspecified length of time. The door was left open for her to return to XFI if/when she returns to New York.
  • Jean-Paul Beaubier - worked at XFI from early on until he left the country in June 2012, though the option for him to return was left open.
  • Laurie Collins - worked at XFI as their Girl Friday, until the demands of medical school and the X-Men meant she had to leave.


x_factoragency is the official comm for the group.


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