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Applicants are expected to have read the Rules before applying. Also, the FAQ is extremely useful for applications, so please use it. ;)

Applying to X-Project


Does my character have to be on a team?

With the change in global circumstances in Phase 2 and the world being darker and more dangerous, every character is expected to start off with and/or spend some time with Generation X. The exceptions are characters who are trained in their powers and/or have other skills such as spycraft or combat, which would be more useful on one of the more "experienced" teams.

In OOC terms, we've found that those characters who aren't part of active teams find it very difficult to be part of things and miss out on a lot of activity. It's also difficult to justify their inclusion in certain plots, with the end result being they tend to wind up on the outskirts. In order to address this issue, XP is looking at starting new characters with a team, so they can at least make connections and get an idea of what's around.

How do I have my character join a particular team?

When you apply for your character, the mods will take into account any plans or intentions you'd made to join a team, and encourage you to talk to the other players in that group. There's not much more than that - if you want to be part of a team, let the mods know, and it'll happen.

Does the team leader player control the team?

A most resounding NO. All players have equal shares in the various teams, and anyone can make contributions and suggestions. Where there is a conflict that can't be resolved between the players, it's strongly suggested that they seek mediation from one of the mods. But the only people with any type of control over what a team is and what a team does are the mods, and that's only for the sake of maintaining consistency and ensuring everyone gets a chance to play what they want.

Does the team have to come up with all of the plots?

Not necessarily, although the natural tendency is for people to log with the people they're used to. Anyone can pitch any kind of plot for anyone and we totally encourage conversation and discussion about ideas.

Can my character be on several teams at once?

Unfortunately, no. The teams all have different mission statements and purposes, and some of them contradict other teams (for example, X-Force is black ops, with no problems with killing people, while the X-Men don't kill. OOC, we're trying to make sure everyone gets a slice of the pie. ;) There are, however, plenty of opportunities for joint missions, or for one team to lend out people to another team based on their skills. We're all about interactive fun.

I have two characters - can they both be on the same team?

We've had players have both of their PCs on the one team in the past, but it's something we try to discourage. Mostly because we try to avoid having one player's characters in a scene logging against each other. That's not roleplay, it's fanfic. ;) But we are also aware that there's only so many options, especially as a character ages, and with the 3rd character option, it's even trickier. So yes, you can, if you can't avoid it otherwise. And don't have them both in the same mission - pick one to participate.

Are plots restricted only to the teams whose area the plot falls into? For example, can only X-Force do magic plots?

Nope. No team 'owns' all of a particular type of plot, and collaboration and cooperation are strongly encouraged.

Generation X

What is Generation X?

Gen X is the training team, introduced for Phase 2. It replaces the old New Mutants team as well as the trainee X-Men. It essentially provides various types of training: powers, combat, field medicine, spy craft, survival, and so on, in order to provide the untrained members of the Xavier Institute with the essentials for surviving in a world that really does hate and fear you.

So it's just for the kids?

No. Gen X is for anyone of any age who needs training in their powers and in managing in a hostile world. So while the teens are the majority of the group, it also includes graduates and even staff who for various reasons need the training Gen X provides.

Who's in charge?

Gen X has a number of mentors, as outlined on the team page. These characters are teachers, mentors and supervisors, and members of the team are able to approach them about anything.

In terms of OOC-ness, no one player is "in charge". The team is a game resource, and as such, everyone in the game has input, with the mods providing oversight.

Who teaches all this stuff?

Gen X training is open to anyone with experience they want to share. If your character has something to teach they'd like to share with the Gen Xers, just ping the mailing list and arrange it.

How does my character 'graduate' from Gen X

When you feel that your character has spent a realistic amount of time with the team to achieve the various skills you want them to have, you can have them graduate to one of the other teams. Just send a note to the mods outlining your plan, so they can maintain game consistency. They can't say "no", but you might be encouraged to show certain things on-screen so your character's progression can be followed in-game.

(We're big fans of "show, don't tell" here in X-Project)

Who comes up with the plots?

Anyone can make a suggestion for a plot. We totally encourage people to talk to each other and share ideas.

The X-Men

What are the X-Men?

The X-Men are a team of mutants, brought together by Charles Xavier, as a proactive force designed to stop mutant terrorism and face hostile organizations. The X-Men represent the main arm of Xavier's in first contact and threat response. X-Men teams are flexible, deploying in groups based on the optimum power mix and abilities. A group of senior X-Men take over the leadership role in the field, again based on best suited to the circumstances. X-Men deploy for a wide range of issues, some of which are humanitarian, some combat based, and some are about safeguarding other mutants. Essentially maintaining a similar force as now with a similar mission, but willing to be more proactive and covert in the face of a much less supportive public.

Are the X-Men Publicly Known?

No. Given M-Day and the hostility towards mutants, the existence of a non-affiliated mutant strike force would cause panic and immediate repercussions.

Who knows about the X-Men?

Within the school, the staff and students know of the existence of the X-Men as it is explained to them when they arrive. Non-team do not have access to the full details of X-Men missions, and sometimes for the sake of security those details are withheld.

Outside of the school the link between the team and the school is known only to a small, select group. This includes:

  • The other X-Teams - they all share a comm and know of each other’s existence and broadly what they’re up to.
  • Fred Duncan - with Garrison Kane as a member of the team, a limited information exchange was opened up between Duncan and the team, in order to further both groups. With the current hostility towards mutants, this relationship is kept strictly between Duncan and the X-Men.
  • Friends and family - not every team member has told their family about their double life, but there is a significant proportion who have. For the most part, however, secrecy is preferred.
  • Nick Fury and some elements within SHIELD and SWORD - With the various meetings between SHIELD agents and the X-Men during missions, plus several agents joining the mansion when their mutations made their positions with SHIELD difficult, Fury is aware of the team, but makes a point of not asking about it. Occasionally he's forced to acknowledge their existence and he's never happy about it.

Do the students at the school know about the team?

New students are informed at the time of their enrollment of the existence of the X-Men and it would be up to them to choose to attend the school. Students are informed of situations that might impact on them (evacuation, kidnapping, missions where large numbers of X-Men are away/returning injured) except in cases where the details are highly sensitive (ie, matters of national security). In return, every student (and non-X-Man staff member who also have access to these notifications) is sworn to complete confidentiality regarding the team's activities - deliberate breach of that confidentiality will result in severe punishment, including potential expulsion/firing. And yes, they know that if the ground starts rumbling while playing basketball to get off the court.

Do the X-Men get paid?

Most of the X-Men characters have an income of some kind, be it from student grants/scholarships (frequently provided by the Institute), income provided by parents, wages as staff working for school, the Institute or X-Corps, wages from outside employment (such as Garrison's job with the FBI) or personal wealth from an inheritance, previous occupations or some other means. All characters living in the mansion potentially receive free room and board, plus medical and educational resources provided by the Institute.

In the very rare case where an X-Man character is unable to receive any form of income, Charles will arrange a stipend to allow them to continue as part of the team - for tax purposes, it is labelled as an Institute grant. This has happened in the past, but was not widely known by many of the team unless specifically asked about.

Whether or not they accept the resources Charles makes available to them or whether they insist on making repayments, is entirely up to each individual, but all players are strongly encouraged to consider the issue of income when they are applying for and/or developing their characters. Charles, however, would never allow one of his students or team go without.

Who leads the X-Men?

Currently the X-Men do not have a set leader. Instead the team leader is dependent upon the mission at hand. For example, if there were a mission that took place in Canada, Garrison may be a good choice to lead due to his knowledge of the area. There is not a formal meeting that takes place to set a leader for most missions, just a certain character that naturally steps up into that role.

Who comes up with X-Men missions?

Anyone. This includes players who don't actually play X-Men - if you have an idea, pitch it. In situations where there hasn't been a mission for several months the mods may post a call for ideas, or develop something themselves, but this is the exception, rather than the rule.

How can my character become an X-Man?

If your character is above sixteen and with appropriate training and skills (usually through the Generation X team, IC they can express interest in the team and discuss joining with the team members and Charles.

OOC, if you want your character to join, it is up to you to arrange for the appropriate logs/IC communications/etc. If a problem arises, you can consult with the mods, but you do not need mod permission to have your character become an X-Man. Generally the possibility will be covered as part of the applications process any way.

Can anyone be an X-Man?

Generally, if your character is under sixteen, they cannot be an X-Man as it requires they undertake life and death circumstances. Also, if Charles decides that the character is not mental or physically able to join the team, they may be asked to rethink their decision. Charles is there to protect mutants and would not put them in harm’s way.

Is there a probationary period?

Previously, we had the trainee system, but with the introduction of Generation X, that is no longer in play. It is up to players to show their characters acquiring skills and confidence as they work with the team over time and not be perfect from the get-go - besides, it makes for more interesting roleplay.


What is X-Force?

X-Force is a proactive force designed to provide covert intelligence, working in concert with the other teams to provide intelligence and support for missions, particularly outside the United States. They handle the darker aspects of operations, allowing the other teams to avoid missions that might compromise them or their ideals. The group is primarily investigative, using a variety of talents and resources to track down and deal with the weird, the occult and the ethically complicated.

Why must my character be 18 before they can join?

IC, it's to avoid the knotty ethical issue of training a minor in blackops and espionage, including lethal force. OOC, it was part of the agreement when XF was created, to avoid the awkward situation of having players of Xavier's staff not respond badly to minors from the school potentially involved in lethal situations, plus avoid explaining why Charles Xavier, a highly ethical individual, would allow minor students to go off and do ethically dodgy things.

So X-Force is a killing squad?

Not at all. They're primarily espionage and research, using their unique skills to cover elements that their experience makes them especially suited for. There is a strong ethical difference in the operational philosophies between X-Force and the X-Men. X-Force is often put in situations where they must employ lethal measures solely based on their individual judgment of the situation at the time. While members have no compunctions about using lethal measures, they avoid doing so when possible simply because needless deaths draw too much attention. Various members of X-Force are at different stages of acceptance on the willingness to kill if needed, and it is a regular source of reflection for the team.

Who knows about X-Force?

The students and non-X-Men staff of the school are aware that the Snow Valley think tank are not simply office workers. The degree of suspicion depends entirely on each character, although none will have IC confirmation of what the team actually does, beyond "intelligence work".

The other teams who have access to the team shared comms will be aware of the existence of the team and what they do, although the members of X-Force may use their discretion in how much detail they share on the comm vs. what they keep in-house.

How does X-Force get its information?

Several members were trained intelligence operatives of one type or another prior to coming to Xavier's. In these cases, each had a network of operatives to call on for intelligence. In the Phase 1 version, a more formalized network was built and maintained, being the primary job of the staff of Snow Valley to maintain and increase that intelligence net further. The former agents have also trained the other staff in intelligence gathering and operations, giving them a bureau of various full time operatives investing into the net.

Those with magical talents and experience have also been involved in developing a network of occult-type sources, via the internet and contacts in the magical community.

Can I have a character be both an X-Man and involved in X-Force?

No. There is a fundamental conflict in the operating philosophies of the X-Men and X-Force - X-Men do not kill, X-Force will if necessary. This conflict usually means a character must make a choice

There is also the need for a low profile in order to operate. If your character is well-known to the media, it would be considered too risky for them to be part of X-Force without some kind of permanent disguise - too much media attention would break the cover of Snow Valley.

This isn't to say that sometimes individual members of one team can't work with the other, for a variety of reasons. X-Force might require certain powers/talents held by an X-Man, and vice versa. As long as steps are taken to avoid identification (and it doesn't happen too often!), the occasional 'guest starring role' in a plot is allowed.

OOC, one team is more than enough for plots.

How can my character join X-Force?

Your character's move to X-Force will need to be justified in terms of desire, skill and general usefulness to the team; this includes 'graduates' of the Generation X program. Joining X-Force is a simple matter of pinging the current players and letting them know you're interested so you can work out with them as a whole the easiest and best way to have your character come into the group on screen.


What is X-Factor?

The X-Factor Investigative Agency is a private investigations firm centrally located in District X. X-Factor is a for hire agency to investigate anything from threats to missing persons. They are available to offer in-house protective services for those who may need them for a short time in response to threats from other individuals or groups and can provide bodyguard services as well. X-Factor is also there to act as a community resource for the District X neighborhood and a sort of information center. If individuals need help being directed to the correct people to help them with a situation X-Factor is there to direct them to Charles Xavier and his school, the Snow Valley Research Center, etc.

As an Xavier Institute funded company, X-Factor also serves as a go to resource for Professor Xavier for investigating situations he isn't sure warrants sending the X-Men out to deal with. Carrying his name also ensures that the agency keeps everything above board and legal.

But they don't always do things legally, do they?

Well, no. In the less frequently occurring instances in which the members of X-Factor take less than legal recourse it is kept off the books. Usually the entire case is kept off the books so it doesn't blow back onto Xavier's name. As a rule they operate on the right side of the law, but if necessary they are willing to operate outside of the law so long as they can keep it from being associated with themselves or Xavier.

What is the general opinion of the X-Factor agency in District X?

Favorable. People have come to think of them as the "mutant cops" and go to X-Factor when they don't think the police will do anything. They are becoming a very public part of the community in District X and are well-known to help the residents there. However, the population of District X was greatly reduced by M-Day and now only covers a few blocks. Human sentiment is at an all-time low against mutants.

Does my character have to be 18 to work here?

Because X-Factor is located in District X and it's approximately a one hour drive between NYC and the mansion it would be very difficult for a minor to work here. (Sorry aspiring Veronica Mars' of the world). That said, it is possible to work there on the weekends helping with filing, answering phones and maybe even doing lower level investigation stuff with one of the adult investigators on cases anticipated to be safe. X-Factor does, however, observe the child labor laws which means anyone 16 or 17 yrs of age cannot work between 10 pm and 6 am, for more than 4 hours on a weekday or more than 8 hours on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

Can my character work for X-Factor and be on the X-Men or work for X-Force?

No. Private investigators work very strange, very long hours and X-Men team members need to be ready and able to mobilize should the team be needed. X-Force also keeps strange hours and may need to mobilize quickly, and their need for anonymity and X-Factor's publicity don't mesh well. In order to have characters not have to jeopardize their positions in either place it is advised that they remain only in X-Factor.

How do I get my character involved with X-Factor?

IC you need to justify why your character wants to join the agency and why the agency should hire them. OOCly e-mail the X-Factor players to discuss your interest and how it may be possible to plausibly transition your character over. X-Factor is open to all characters and, as long as suitable justification is made, anyone can join.

Can I get my non-X-Factor character involved temporarily or just for one plot?

Sure! X-Factor is meant to be flexible and sometimes collaborative. They direct cases to X-Force and the X-Men when needed and also try to utilize their connections in those groups to help them do their jobs. If you'd like your character to work with them on a specific plot or on a conditional basis the X-Factor players would be happy to figure out with you how that could happen IG.