Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand

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Laved By The Gulf and Ocean Grand
Dates run: December 4-9, 2023
Run By: Cai and Walks
Read the logs: Laved by the Gulf and Ocean Grand

Quote from the plot

A connection to Namor's erstwhile paramor has a potential lead about Atlantis, so the team heads down to Florida.


Namor, Clint Barton, America Chavez, Matt Murdock, Molly Hayes Alani Ryan and Meggan Szardos

Clarice Ferguson, Kyle Gibney, Sooraya Qadir, Alison Blaire

Ibi, Nymph of the Swamps; Basil the Alligator; the Spirit of the Chesapeake


December 4-9-2023

Plot Summary

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Dec 4 - The Spirit of the Chesapeake tells Namor about newly unearthed Atlantean ruins. Namor makes a post to eXcal saying that he is going to Florida to look for the ruins and requests companions to come.

Dec 5 - Clint texts Clarice to ask if she could port some of eXcal to Florida.

Dec 6- In Florida, Namor, Alani, and Meggan head into the ocean to find the outpost ruins and meet with the nymph. Back on land, Clint, America, Matt, and Molly check the area for anything that might indicate Atlanteans were there, but upon finding nothing, they set up lunch. The underwater team succeeds at finding the outpost, but Namor angers the local nymph which causes her to destroy it. A strange Atlantean device is left behind. The land team finds themselves surrounded by much more reptiles than the suggested amount of none and try to retreat before Molly gets swallowed by a crocodile. The nymph exiles the underwater team to land and has the crocodile expel Molly following a promise of a boon from Namor. Matt posts in X-Teams asking for a pickup. eXcal discusses the mission while waiting for pickup. Kyle and Sooraya find that Alison will be helping to fly the Blackbird to Florida. Clint makes a report on the mission in X-Teams.

Dec 7- Clint posts in X-Teams to start a log on trying to work the Atlantean artifact.

Dec 8- Clint posts a log in X-Teams that he’s resulted in a possible fluctuation from using a microwave around the device. Clint later makes another post to X-Teams that he and Molly figured out the device wasn’t reacting to microwaves but radiation, and that it’s a record.

Dec 9- Namor, Alani, Meggan, and Clint unlock the Atlantean record and listen to both the recording and figure out it also holds a map.

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Matt saved the day with the power of Lawyering.


Plotrunner: Cai and Walks

Walks created the plot poster/image used above.