The Mengo Brothers

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Stanislaus and Grigori Mengochazcraus
Portrayed by Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie
Known Aliases: Stan and Greg Mengo
Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: Operation: Dead Letter Office

"Whose house? MENGOS' HOUSE!!!"


Name: Stanislaus and Grigori Mengochazcraus

Aliases: Stan and Greg, the Mengo Brothers

Affiliation: formerly the "Wild Pack"

First appearance: July 31, 2009

Family: each other


Aside from their previous affiliation with the "Wild Pack", a group of Symkarian mercenaries, the early life of Greg and Stan Mengochazcraus is best left unexplored. One story claims that the two are actually Eastern European nobility, simply choosing to "slum it" in the violent world of mercenary work. Yet another has them as exiles from nearly every former Soviet bloc republic, with more INTERPOL warrants than al-Qaeda and a higher body count than the bubonic plague.

Whichever background people choose to believe, anyone in the intelligence community can attest to the fact that when the Mengo Brothers show up, insurance premiums tend to skyrocket. They are often hired for protection or intimidation, or for operations where subtlety is not of any importance. This is useful, because when it comes to subtlety, the Mengo Brothers tend to operate on a level best compared to the eruption of Krakatoa.

Recently, the Mengos were hired by Gareb Bashur to protect a shipment of stolen weapons and equipment to be auctioned off in South Africa. Their convoy was attacked by X-Force, causing the Mengo Brothers to retaliate in their signature ultra-violent style, directly and indirectly causing massive casualties among their own men and the inevitable destruction of most of their convoy vehicles (as well as a good length of South African highway).

At last sight, once they were paid for the South African job, Stan and Greg were headed for the horizon in a carjacked Lexus. As to their current whereabouts, it is best not to ask.


Stanislaus possesses an enhanced "tactical sense" similar to Remy LeBeau's spatial sense, allowing him to evaluate a combat situation and process tactical data faster than a normal human. His tolerance for illegal drug use is also possibly a superpower, given the fact that he pops dexedrine like Tic-Tacs.

Grigori is most likely a physically-enhanced mutant, having shown incredible physical strength and resilience. He has been observed firing high-caliber automatic weapons one-handed, as well as being able to walk away from a face-first automobile crash in excess of eighty miles an hour.


Operation: Dead Letter Office


Socked by: Doqz

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie