Vida Rocca

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Vida Rocca
Portrayed by Angie Diaz
Known Aliases: Pele
Affiliations: Living Pele
Socked By: Azzy
Introduction: May 8, 2006

Girlfriend to Alex Summers after his relocation to Hawaii and break up with Lorna Dane, Vida was also the earthly incarnation of the Hawaiian goddess of Fire, Dance and Volcanoes, Living Pele. Jealousy led her to embrace her avatar state and release the goddess inside her.


Name: Vida Rocca

Aliases: Pele

Occupation: College student

First appearance: May 8, 2006

Family: Dr. Madison Rocca (mother)


Vida is a twenty year old surfer chick who happens to have inherited the spirit of Pele, Hawaiian goddess of the volcano. Just like her goddess self, she loves to party and is extremely passionate about that which she cares about, which include the Hawaiian islands, its people and her boyfriend Alex, up until Thanksgiving and Lorna's visit. It was then that she turned against him and agreed to her mother's plans to use his mutant power as the source of her transformation into Pele.

It is important to note that Vida's motivation was not to hurt people but that she was willing to if that became necessary. Pele wanted her worship returned and her people protected. She wanted her kingdom back -- it was intended that she sit on the throne of the restored monarchy herself and rule a Hawaii returned to its native people.

When the attempt failed and Vida lost access to Pele's power, her potential as avatar to the Hawaiian goddess was also lost. She is now just another college student, trying to pick up the pieces of her life.


None - baseline human. As the Living Pele, Vida was ten feet tall had the power to control Hawaii's volcanoes, causing them to erupt and being able to direct the flow of lava.


Living Pele


PB: Angie Diaz

Socked by: Azzy

Vida was named after the role played by the actress in Power Rangers, Mystic Force - the Pink Ranger.