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Welcome to X-Project! Below is a series of links designed to help you navigate the game and the Wiki and give you insight into one of the internet's longest-running online roleplaying games!

Critical Links

  • Reading Comm - xp_friends was created to link all of the character journals and game comms in one place. For easy reading, click on the link to the journal's friendslist.
  • The FAQ. There's a lot there, so you might want to just focus on FAQ 1, which explains the gameworld, and FAQ 2, which gives you some pointers on reading along.
  • X-Project - the open-to-the-public discussion blog, where you can leave feedback and ask questions!


So, you've heard about X-Project and you're interested in applying. Read the Wiki, you've been told. Great, but where to start?

  • Read the FAQ, especially FAQ 1 and FAQ 3 to FAQ 6. It seems like a lot, but the pages are broken up to avoid Walls of Text.
  • Use the timeline to work out what's gone on before.

Social Media

X-Project has expanded its presence beyond the journals over the years. We have:

  • X-Project on Twitter! - game highlights, plot announcements and links to various areas of comics-related media!