21st Century Digital Boy

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21st Century Digital Boy
Dates run: April 10, 2015
Run By: Ben
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Each aggression, day after day, crawls into your head and infests it like maggots. They get in there and they rot you from the inside out. You're left hollow. That's what they did. Every threat. Every slur. Every punch and every kick and every shove. This is their fault. This is what their hate brought. And I'll see them all pay for it.

When outcast Quentin Quire manifests omega-level telepathy, he decides that the time has come to make his bullies and tormentors pay.


Quentin Quire, Jean Grey, Jennie Stavros


April 10, 2015

Plot Summary

Quentin Quire had had a semester-long affair with his history teacher Tom Logan, which was discovered in the first week of April when a classmate grabbed Quentin's phone from his hands while he was reading over racy messages. Quentin freaked out, publicly displayed his telekinesis for the first time, and alerted Tom of what had happened. To save everyone from severe scandal, Tom resigned, but Quentin continued to experienced harsh harassment from his peers.

A few days later, the violence finally reached the trauma point that caused Quentin's heretofore unknown telepathy to manifest. He inadvertently psychically linked with everyone within a 100-yard radius and dragged their psyches to the Astral Plane. Anyone who approached that 100-yard line linked up to Quentin, too, and followed him to the Astral Plane. Quentin quickly realized that he was in control of the environment, and proceeded to get his payback for years of abuse.

Following up on a new report of a stunted police investigation, Jean and Jennie were sent to investigate themselves, assuming a mutant cause. As they get close to Quentin, they sensed the astral disturbance, and hypothesized that a psi was responsible. They took the necessary psychic precautions and passed the invisible barrier, thereby sending themselves to the Astral Plane as well.

There they encountered Quentin, who was in the process of making his victims live through his own abuse. He tried to rope them into it, too, but the shields that Jean held for herself and Jennie kept them out of his grasp. So they talked instead. They learned what happened and why Quentin did what he did, and told him of Xavier's school where he could hone his abilities. He initially rebuffed them, but they won him over by pointing out that continuing the violence committed against him solves nothing. He needs to direct his rage in a productive manner if he truly wants to effect change. They got through to him and showed him how to return their psyches to their bodies and break the link. As an added precaution, before the links were severed, Jean blurred the minds of his victims so they wouldn't remember exactly what happened or who was responsible.

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This plot introduced the Phase 2 version of Quentin Quire to the game.


Plotrunner: Ben