Aadesh Saini

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Aadesh Saini
Portrayed by Huse Madhavji
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: AJ
Introduction: Burn The Witch

"It's right in here," Aedesh nodded at one of his people on guard and pushed open the door, "The evil at the heart of our country. The one we must defeat if we are to be able to hold our heads up with pride as a country which has managed to save it's culture and more importantly the souls of it's people."

"The evil" in question was four scared girls, trapped in cells and crying.

An Indian priest determined to rid the world of evil, Aadesh used his empathic powers to manipulate people into helping him lead a literal witch hunt. He made the wrong choice in targeting Topaz, however, and was stopped by X-Force. He's currently in jail facing multiple charges of murder.


Name: Aadesh Saini

Aliases: None

Affiliation: None

First appearance: October 6, 2015

Family: Kiah Saini (daughter (unaware of his relationship to her)); Leela Saini (wife; missing, presumed diseased)


Raised in a strict Calvinistic home, Aadesh grew up knowing the wrath of God and fearing it. When his mutation (empathy) emerged he hid it from his parents, determined to make amends for what he considered a sin. As he learned to control it, he began using it to turn people to God, deciding that if he had to live with this “curse” he would make some good of it. He was twenty-two when he met Leela Kawle, a sixteen-year-old girl who had run away from home. He found her sleeping in the back of the church and decided to take her in. They fell in love, and a year later she discovered she was pregnant. It was only after she gave birth to a baby girl that she finally came clean to Aadesh about the reasons she ran away - she was a practicing magic user, and her father had forbidden it under his roof, even going as far as beating her to keep her in line. Aadesh, however, was instantly repulsed by the idea. Rather than throwing her out, though, he thought he could “cleanse” Leela and their daughter, who must have also been touched by this curse. Eventually Leela took the baby and ran away, and Aadesh wiped his hands clean of both of them, going on to become the reverend of a local church. He continued using his empathy to attract more followers, and as time went on and his influence grew he decided to use that power to cleanse the world of a growing problem - those who practiced “the dark arts.”

His church and his terror came to an end in October 2015 when he targeted Topaz (not knowing she was his long-lost daughter) and X-Force came to save her and shut him down. He's currently in jail facing multiple murder charges and without access to his powers.


Aadesh is a mid-level empath with a particular skill for enhancing fear in people and manipulating them to have unwavering faith in him. He's currently completely cut off from and unable to use his powers.


Burn The Witch


PB: Huse Madhavji

Socked by: AJ