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Character(s): Scott Summers,Susan Storm and Stephen Strange
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Journal: Osserc
Date joined: November 2011

Plot Sub-Editor


Your standard graduate student, AJ enjoys long moonlight strolls on the beach and talking...wait wrong profile. AJ loves reading, playing sports and 3d Graphics. A massive fan of X-Men and marvel comics he's really glad he applied to XP.

Preferred method of communication g-chat/g-mail. Nearly always have my phone or a computer to hand and can reply promptly to messages.

He also apparently has a Thing about S-S names. ;)

Phase 2

Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased

Michael Bowen


Albert Destine

Aadesh Saini

Phillipe Leblanc - deceased

Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains Deceased
None Chloe Wright

Michael Bowen

Zackary McCalvin


Albert Destine



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