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Father Michael Bowen
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Portrayed by George Clooney
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: AJ
Introduction: June 2012

Father Michael Brown is Tandy Bowen's uncle and only living relative whom matters. His church is just outside District X where it basement has been coveted into a homeless shelter and soup kitchen, mostly catering to the homeless and mutants. He has been helping with the Mutant Underground for the last few years. Father Michael also has connections to the Vatican.


Name: Michael Bowen

Aliases: Father Michael Bowen

Occupation: Father of a Catholic Church

First appearance: June 2012

Family: Tandy Bowen [Neice], Melissa Carlisle [Sister, Deceased], Philip Carlisle [Brother-in-Law, Deceased]


Tandy’s uncle and brother to Melissa, Tandy’s neglectful mother. He took Tandy in when she arrived in New York without knowing she ran away. He received a call from Phillip stating that Tandy wasn’t at home and Michael revealed that she was with him, unhappy at the deception. After the deaths of Tandy's mother and stepfather, he and Adrienne Frost became Tandy's joint guardians.

He is the Father of a local church and welcomes runaways and homeless people to sleep and eat in the church basement that was set up for just that. He is very much a Godly man and wants to always do what is right. He isn’t quick to judge or quick to anger. He is the type of man that always gives people second chances. He disapproved of the way his sister lives her life and treats her only daughter. After the events of M-Day, Father Michael expanded the soup kitchen to double as a shelter for runaway mutants. He has since become involved in the underground railroad for mutants - helping where he can. His views on demons and other 'gods' haven't changed his faith but it does question what else is out there. His niece visit him several times a week.


None. He is a normal human.


Light in the Darkness


PB: George Clooney

Socked by: AJ