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Character(s): Felicia Hardy
Email: AisyEmail.jpg
Journal: ferox
Date joined: June 2003

Former player of Sofia Mantega-Barret and Paige Guthrie


Aisy - who also goes by Lauren - joined the game fairly near the beginning and is super excited for the game reboot and playing again. She lives in Toronto, as a self employed fashion designer, with her partner Dex and their pal Rossi in a rather sweet bungalow. She is owned by a very fluffy jerk cat named Eliot.

Game strengths include dialogue and layered characters. Weaknesses are writing plot proposals of her own, finishing anything and answering emails; it's not you, it's her.

Would like to own an entire closet of dupioni silk one day. Or shoes. Or both.

Phase 2

Modsocks NPCs Villains
Kate Bishop None None

Phase 1


Modsocks NPCs Villains
None Guthrie Family,

Chris(tina) Morgan (Beta Flight)




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