Aleksandr Lukin

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Aleksandr Dmitrovich Lukin
Portrayed by Ciarán Hinds
Known Aliases: Unknown
Affiliations: Russian mafiya
Socked By: Twiller
Introduction: Operation: зимний солдат

"Lukin is not the sort you wish to be enemies with. As I said, those who get in his way are...dealt with. Dead, blackmailed, bribed, it does not matter how to him, only results." The man rolled his shot glass between his fingers. "These days, he wears a suit, runs a company. Construction, mostly. Good business for graft."

Former Russian military, then Russian mafiya boss, Aleksandr Lukin uses his apparent legitimacy to cover up his extensive criminal dealings and access to a number of Cold War secret projects.


Name: Aleksandr Dmitrovich Lukin

Aliases: Unknown

Affiliation: Russian mafiya

First appearance: May 19, 2011

Family: Unknown - deceased


Phase 1

Aleksandr Dmitrovich Lukin was a young boy during World War II. He grew up in the village of Kronas, near Stalingrad, which was the site of a pitched battle, of which Lukin was one of the only survivors. He was taken under the wing of then-Colonel Vasiliy Karpov. Lukin followed Karpov’s rising star in the KGB, and was the general’s protege. He shared many of Karpov’s secrets, including the location of a private depot where some of Karpov’s most successful projects were stored - including the Winter Soldier.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall and reduction in force of the KGB/FSB, Lukin went rogue, as many other hardline agents did, making a name for himself in the Russian Mafiya. Lukin had an edge that others did not, though - weapons from Karpov’s stockpile that could be used to coerce, subvert, or flat out eliminate the others in his way.

A few years ago, Lukin went legit as the chairman and CEO of the Kronas Corporation, which he named for his long-gone hometown. However, the legitimacy did not extend as far as his practices, and he continued to use the same tactics, only now against businessmen instead of criminals. He has begun using the Winter Soldier slowly as a corporate spy and saboteur, but without all of Karpov’s resources, his control of her is tenuous, and as a result his use of her is sparing.

Lukin is a consummate strategist inside the boardroom and out, and always strives to have a backup plan (or several) in place for eventualities. He isn’t afraid to cut and run in the short term, so that he can return in the long term to overcome his enemies.

He lost access to both the Winter Soldier and to various other of Karpov's projects when X-Force destroyed the Pripyat base, but he himself remains at large, having escaped Wanda Maximoff, Emma Frost and Marie-Ange Colbert when they came to deal with him.

Phase 2


Baseline human


Phase 1

Operation: зимний солдат

Phase 2

Along Came A Spider


Socked by: Twiller

PB: Ciarán Hinds