Rebecca Barnes

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Rebecca Barnes
Rebecca richards.jpg
Portrayed by Amanda Tapping
Known Aliases: "Rikki", Winter Soldier
Affiliations: CIA, KGB, Aleksandr Lukin
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: Operation: зимний солдат

Rebecca was not a nurse. She was... different.

Once a loyal American secret agent, now a shadowy Russian legend known as the Winter Soldier.


Name: Rebecca Barnes

Aliases: "Rikki" Barnes, Winter Soldier

Affiliation: KGB

First appearance: May 19, 2011

Family: Gail Richards (mother, deceased), Steve Rogers (biological father, MIA), Bucky Barnes (adopted father)


Phase 1

Rikki is the biological daughter of Steve Rogers and Gail Richards, and the adopted daughter of Bucky Barnes. During WWII, Rogers and Richards were engaged, and before Rogers left for the European theater, he and Richards were intimate, which resulted in Gail becoming pregnant and having a daughter. When Rogers did not return from the war, Bucky married Richards and adopted Rogers’ child as his own.

Rikki inherited some of the aspects of the super soldier serum from her biological father, though diluted by her mother’s genes. Rikki was fast, strong, and healed quickly, but not nearly to the level of her father (see super soldier serum). However, the military and later CIA kept track of her, and approached her in college about becoming an operative, much like her adoptive father had been. She agreed, and was put through intensive training. She was commissioned as a Navy MASH nurse, which was her cover, and in actuality she was a covert agent, operating deep behind enemy lines.

During the Tet Offensive, she was again operating behind enemy lines when she was reported KIA. A body was recovered and sent to the US for burial with full honors. However, the corpse in the casket was not Rikki Barnes. In fact, she had been captured after having her left arm blown off, and turned over to a black camp operated by KGB Major General Vasiliy Karpov. There she was broken and slowly brainwashed until all that was left was the Winter Soldier - an operative completely loyal to the Soviet Union, the Communist Party, and General Karpov. Her missing arm was replaced with a cybernetic one, bringing her natural strength and agility to superhuman levels.

From that point until the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Winter Soldier was used to assassinate high-profile US/NATO targets in Europe. The fact that she had been raised in America made her the perfect infiltrator - those she encountered never suspected the programming lying underneath the facade. Generals and ambassadors perished in plausible ‘accidents’ by her hand, and in some cases foul play was never even suspected.

At the fall of the Berlin Wall and death of General Karpov, the Winter Soldier was placed in a deep chemical-induced coma, to be left in stasis along with a number of Karpov’s other secret weapons in a private depot known only to Karpov and one other man - Aleksandr Lukin.

After the reduction in force of the KGB, Lukin used the Soldier to help fuel a meteoric rise in the Russian mafiya, and then a shift to legitimacy in the corporate sector. However, without Karpov's resources, Lukin's control over the Soldier was tenuous at best, and she lashed out, destroying the old 'numbers station' which had provided her instructions. Since this was the same station that X-Force was using to communicate with David North, they began to investigate the Soldier.

After initially believing that Mr. Barnes, their downstairs neighbor, might be the Winter Soldier, Barnes approached X-Force with a request for help in recovering his adoptive daughter. They went to Russia, confronted Lukin, and successfully captured the Winter Soldier, who was delivered to a secure medical facility for treatment. Unfortunately, she did not remain there - she escaped and her whereabouts and mental state are currently unknown.

Phase 2


Enhanced strength, speed and agility, mild healing factor. Cybernetic left arm which increases her strength and speed.


Phase 1

Operation: зимний солдат

Phase 2


Socked by: Frito

PB: Amanda Tapping