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Character(s): Marie-Ange Colbert, Kyle Gibney
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Date joined: May 2003


Karen "Frito" Lawrence is currently an active player of X-Project. She began playing Marie-Ange Colbert in May of 2003, and Kyle Gibney in October of 2004. She currently acts as one of the admins for the Xproject wiki, and has been a mod of the game twice previously, retiring from her most recent tenure as a mod in April 2017. She also hosts and maintains the webpage and is generally responsible for dealing with the technical end of any of the webpage-y things for the game.

She can be reached on gchat via the email address, or email at FritoEmail.jpg Her preferred means of contact is email, and her personal journal, full of memes, posts about cupcakes, assorted miscellany, and infrequent actual content can be found at Frito. The picture shown here is not actually representative of Frito. Mostly. She has a twitter. You can probably guess that it's also Frito_Kal

A former resident of Baltimore and the Washington DC Area, she now lives in Escondido, CA (a bit north of San Diego) - she hates snow and shoes, and loves seafood, tea and math. She lives with Twiller and their son "Typechip", born in February 2014, and has a truly astounding number of stuffed animals for someone who is in her forties.

She also claims to be 1/4 allosaurus.

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Daily Events

March 13

2004: Askani manifests for the first time. Emma begins work on Alex's suit. The Europe trip leaves. Piotr goes on sabbatical to study body guarding. Cain asks for people to help test the new security system. Jono's visit home inspires a lot of screaming.

2005: Jean has various encounters with the mansion residents, some good, some bad. Clarice calls Jean a zombie and upsets several people. Betsy is unable to cope with Jean and leaves the mansion to return to England for a while, making several gifts to people before she goes. Scott isn't coping either and gets dragged to see Charles by Madelyn. Alex goes to Shiro and apologizes for his reaction to Shiro's journal post. Forge's father shows up, meets with some of Forge's teachers and friends, and comes to an understanding with his son; Hank and Forge discuss research plans. Stigmata: Paige runs into Amanda in the stables, and they have a very tense and eventually hostile talk; Manuel confronts Paige about her talk with Amanda and empathically manipulates her into calm sleep. Moira and Cain discuss concerns about Nathan. Hank assists Jubilee with some studying and personal problems. Alex and Lorna disagree over the meaning of Jean's return.

2006: Scott considers just calling in the wrecker for his car. Forge is sent some packages for scholarships... including one sponsored by the Friends of Humanity. Doug wants to know what happened to the money from Vegas, because he has an idea. Terry and Tommy somehow end up covering each other in chocolate. Scott emails Jean asking for another chance, but she doesn't reply. Jennie gossips about Terry and Bobby and encourages Marius to ask Bobby out.

2007: Five Against One: Haller emails Moira, asking for help with his DID. Terry returns from Ireland. Forge asks Crystal on a group outing to see a foreign movie and hopefully break the ice. Kaiten: 'Miguel' gets into a fight with some of the people from Silver and ends up meeting a sympathiser by the name of Ash. Operation: Tower of Babble: Remy discovers there is a bomb in the UN camp and Doug warns Wanda that a fundamentalist fanatic is waiting for them in the ruins with the detonator; the warning comes later as, after surviving several traps, Wanda, Marie-Ange and Amanda manage to stop the fanatic and destroy the mystical device disrupting communication; Doug finds and disarms the bomb, with help from Forge over his cell phone; Mark manages to escape with the help of his fellow-prisoners and the Beatles.

2008: Prayer on the 26th of July: Garrison reminds Clarice of his promise in Iran and invites her to Cuba. Red X Mission: Reconstruction: Laurie and Yvette meet at lunch and talk about their work; Angelo emails Amanda to tell her about meeting Maria; Laurie is caught watching shirtless eye candy and gets a date; Jane is enthusiastic about her work and a new sports drink; Jay accidentally upsets Dani, talking about her mothering instincts. Emma moves into the corner office of the Snow Valley offices and bonds with Mark.

2009: Manuel emails Amanda about the thread in Cammie's journal and confuses her. Laurie posts on the joys of pub food. Lil helps Logan with his motorbike and they later go out for a drink. Jean-Paul emails Shiro, asking about his birthday plans. Operation: Godhand: North, Marie-Ange, Emma and Vanessa recover Natasha, just ahead of her pursuers; in Istanbul, Jubilee, Remy and Bishop obtain the information regarding the Satan's Claw they need; Illyana and Sofia take care of the traitor; Amanda, Doug, Mark, Sarah and Wanda head to Poland to retrieve the instruction manual for the Claw. Jay and Cammie meet in the rec room and talk music styles. Jean-Paul gets the coroner's report on his parents' death and has a panic attack, which Jean helps him through.

2010:Laurie posts asking for suggestions for weekend activities since she is not working. Doreen and Yvette talk in the woods about Doreen's knuckle spikes - specifically, the fact she hasn't tried to bring them out again - which is a conversation Dori tries to avoid.

2011: Wade emails Kurt, asking about Meggan's captors. Wade and Vanessa go on a road trip to visit Crazy Frank, and in the car they discuss getting attached and sticking around; at C.F.'s, they pretend to be married and parents of twins while testing out various guns and it comes out Frank used to supply Mág Ealga; in the car on the way home, talk turns to the possibility of Wade settling down at the mansion and then sours when he jokingly refers to Vanessa seriously thinking about their fictional twins. Hank posts his return to active life following his injury, although he needs more healing time yet and calls for a prank truce. Jean-Paul visits Jean-Phillipe and over wine discovers JPC has a crush on Warren. On her return, Vanessa wishes Lex a happy birthday via email. Lex and Crystal sit at the dock and chat in the wee small hours following Lex's adult-only party, both of them tipsy, which leads to unexpected questions and physical closeness.

2012: Operation: A Roving Commission: Remy posts to Snow Valley about tracking Bulat, and wanting to take him down that night if possible; Remy and Nico launch the start of the trap for Bulat; Amanda and Jubilee go after the 'cargo'; Sarah, Doug, Marie-Ange and North deal with Bulat, and Remy extracts the information they need from him before leaving him for the police.

2013: Amanda and Angelo talk about the recent anniversary of the bombings, his love life and her lack of one.

2014: Matt leaves Topaz a necklace as a present. Adrienne tells Maddie, Sue and Tandy that while she’s out the girls can have a party at Adrienne’s new house. Matt asks if anyone has group spring break plans. Topaz texts Clint and Matt to thank them for their presents.

2015: Jean literally runs into Amanda whilst out jogging. Lorna posts about tomorrow being Pi Day and asking from where they might order pies. Wanda and Bobbi meet up to catch up on the work front but end up making plans to actually hang out like regular people for once.

2016: Arthur leaves Marie-Ange a Tarot deck he found.

2017: Angel posts to the journals asking if someone would bring her ice cream while in the medlab without telling the doctors, the doctors reply. Amanda checks up on Angelo and they talk about the past.

Featured Articles

MoA Dagger.png
Moment of Awesome: Tandy Bowen/Dagger: After Adrienne's powers accident, Tandy has a moment to say goodbye.

Could astral avatars cry? Tandy wasn't sure but she felt like she was. ~Yes. A bit. Emma mentioned that she had to shut you down. Power overload of some kind.~

~Basically,~ Adrienne confirmed, sitting down at the head of the conference table and gesturing for Tandy to take her usual seat at her right hand. ~I think it's something like, that kid's power is to amplify other peoples' powers? So for me that means Reading everything, even dust. And not just with my fingertips. Any particle that touches my skin. That in itself might be manageable with a special suit like Rogue's, to make it so nothing else touches me, but because I also get the history of whatever touches me, the images aren't stopping. I can't function this way.~ It was hard to admit that she couldn't carry on, couldn't fight through it, but she wasn't going to hide the truth from Tandy. ~It's going to be... like a coma, I guess.~

Tandy drifted over and took a seat next to Adrienne. She listened and hesitated with her next question, fearing the answer. ~How long?~

Taking a deep breath and blowing it out again, Adrienne shrugged. ~Until the smarty-pantses here at Muir figure out how to stop it,~ she responded wanly.

Her lip began to tremble, ~But, you are my favorite adult. What is going to happen to your company? To the XFI?~

Adrienne stared intently at the desk. She couldn't look at Tandy. If Tandy started crying, Adrienne would start to cry. And no one wanted that. She didn't want to talk about Meridian, either. Not right now. ~XFI will be fine. Warren'll be fine. Don't tell him I said that.~ Except... ~Okay, fine. Do tell him I said that. Tell him I said that I know the cool boss will do a... good job, and that if the business tanks I'm holding him entirely responsible. Fuck.~ She huffed out an exasperated breath. ~I said I wasn't gonna do this. This 'tell so-and-so this from me' crap. That's not me. I don't do goodbyes.~

~Everyone needs a little closer before they go away for a little bit. And it isn't forever. Amanda will think of something. Professor X will think of something. And then you will be back and we can go for sushi again. I'll even buy you tickets to Taylor Swift.~ Tandy said, wiping at her eyes.

~I think you mean closure,~ Adrienne smirked, glancing over at Tandy. ~And I'm gonna hold you to that. I don't know what's up with her shenanigans on twitter, but you know it's gonna be something good.~

~Yeah, that.~ Her brain and mouth were no longer syncing up. ~I'll send you all her new songs~ And then Tandy couldn't help it as she started to cry ~I am sorry, I told myself i wouldn't~

~Don't don't don't don't aw fuck.~ Adrienne wiped at her own eyes and pulled Tandy in for a hug. ~You're the worst.~

~That is because I learned from the best.~ She gave Adrienne a tight hug. It was like losing another parent and Tandy knew about losing parents. ~Please come back okay.~


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