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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the Storm family. For other uses, see Storm Family (disambiguation).

Storm Family
Portrayed by William Hurt; Nathan Gamble
Known Aliases: Franklin, Mary and Jonathan Storm
Affiliations: Susan Storm
Socked By: Frito

The family of siblings Susan and Jonathan Storm.


First appearance:

Franklin Storm
Franklin Storm.jpg
A world class physicist and old friend of Charles Xavier Franklin is the CEO of Storm Tech and father of Johnny and Susan Storm. After becoming the target of a revenge plot courtesy of Arthur Molekevic, who he had fired for illegal experimentation on mutants, Franklin discovered his children were mutants and was forced to rethink many of his views on mutants.

PB: William Hurt. Socked by TBD

Mary Storm
A renowned biologist and anthropologist Mary Storm was deeply involved in government research even upto the point where she left her husband and young family to continue her research abroad. She and Franklin are divorced.

PB: Kelli Williams. Socked by TBD

Susan Storm
The eldest daughter. Susan follows her parents' footsteps in intellectual abilities. See her individual page for more details.

PB: Claire Holt.

Jonathan Storm
The younger brother, he prefers sport and active pursuits over the intellectual pursuits favored by the rest of his family. See his page for more details.

PB: Alex Pettyfer.

Other family members: (for family members that appear rarely on screen in minor roles)


The Storms are an old money family who have gradually been transferring their assets into a portfolio of property and investments. Today, the Storm family has a range of investments ranging from property in Manhattan to shares in various companies spread across the world. While the scions of the family had always been happy to join the family business something changed with Baxter Storm, great-grandfather of Johnny and Susan Storm, Baxter had always wanted to make his way through life as an artist. In particular, he had a passion for drawing; however bowing to tradition and the wishes of his parents, he joined the family business where he showed a flair for risky yet successful investments. However, Baxter never stopped wishing that he had had the confidence to stand up to his father and choose his own path through life. When his grandson, Franklin, approached him with a similar conundrum, Baxter chose to advise Franklin to follow his heart. Although his father was unhappy at the decision Franklin decided to strike out for his doctorate in physics, and after collecting several more degrees, Franklin went on to work for the government in Washington where he met his wife, Mary, also a doctor working for the government.



Socked by: Frito