Heinrich Klar

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Heinrich Klar
Portrayed by Matt Weise
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Selene, Candra
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: November 11, 2005

"Your resistance is useless, ja? Your little witch has already been taken, my Mistress shall be appeased, and her favor shall be restored to her faithful. So you see, it no longer matters if you all live or die."

Selene's former bodyguard, Heinrich Klar has spent the time since her binding maintaining her cult and laying plans to bring her back. Her death in April 2010 meant a shift in allegiences, to Selene's former student, Candra.


Name: Heinrich Klar

Aliases: None.

Affiliation: Selene, Hellfire Club, Candra

First appearance: November 11, 2005

Family: Unknown.


Klar is a former member of the West German army, who was discharged due to mental issues stemming from his early involvement with the cult. Selene recognized Klar's effectiveness and ruthlessness, and recruited him first to serve as the head of a personal response unit. Once discovering the man's intelligence, she promoted him to her main bodyguard and aide, finding both protection and a lack of ambition to be the perfect qualities for the role. He is fiercely loyal to Selene.

Formerly the chief bodyguard for Selene, Klar found his days a little less packed, after his mistress was lost under the sea. He controlled what remained of her specific power, and was the only one who had the full knowledge of the various branches of Selene's cult. Unfortunately, Heinrich had a superb sense of organization and planning, but very little initiative. When Candra made her offer to Karl Mordo about rehabilitating the cult and returning Selene to power, he jumped at it.

Following the fall of the cult and the collpase of Murderworld, Heinrich's whereabouts were unknown. He was presumed dead, killed in the collpse of the building, until he reappeared to act as bodyguard to the possessed Meggan Szardos. He stole Selene's body after her betrayal and death by the Hellfire Club, switching his allegiences to Candra, who took over Selene's corpse.


Heinrich has been mystically enhanced by Selene, over their years of involvement. He is uncommonly strong and fast, and resistant to harm. His own abilities are slowly waning, the longer Selene remained powerless, and so his motives involved his own self-preservation. With Candra taking over Selene's body, his power is renewed.


Lost In The Woods

Voodoo Child



Socked by: Frito

Formerly socked by Nute

PB: Matt Weise