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Location: Murderworld
First Seen: Voodoo Child

Murderworld is the brainchild of Jacob Arcade Lowenstein. It is the name of a series of complexes that have been heavily outfitted with advanced technology to serve as a violent series of lethal games. The rumours of Murderworld have gone around the criminal community for at least ten years, although most people believe it to be nothing more than a lie; a fictional execution place that gets more and more outlandish with each telling.

The truth is that Murderworld does exist, although never in the same configuration and rarely in the same location. Some Murderworld complexes are very small, consisting of no more than a half dozen rooms. Others are massive affairs, with multiple levels, giant traps and the capacity to operate as a self sustaining building for years. Each one has a series of centralized theme traps, just as mazes, dungeons, deadly circuses, giant pinball boards, and whatever else captures Arcade's fancy. The rest of the space is tailored to each victim, and designed fresh at the start of the contract.

While he controls Murderworld, Arcade never dispatches his own enemies in them. In fact, he makes a highly profitiable business renting out the complexes to other groups, and arranging the deaths so that it can be viewed as entertainment. Virtually all of the victims of Murderworld have been criminals or villains of one stripe or another, dispatched to die by their rivals.

Each Murderworld is individually trapped, so that at the push of a button, the entire complex can be reduced to tiny pieces, eliminating any evidence or technology that could lead to Arcade. His locations tend to be old industral or military sites, bought through a company not believed to be connected to him in any fashion.

The control room of each Murderworld holds a full camera view of every part of the complex, without exception. The computer system is specifically programmed not to accept any commands from outside of the main interface other than Arcade's private link, meaning that even if a hacker could connect to the system, they wouldn't be able to input or modify any of the code.

All of the creatures interacted with in Murderworld are highly advanced robots, designed to be remotely controled. When not in use, Murderworld sits in a fully automated maintainance mode.


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