So You Want To Be A Superhero

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So You Want To Be A Superhero
Dates run: Jan 31, 2009 - Feb 3, 2009
Run By: Dex
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"So, who's up for a little fun? No, it's not really a choice, but it sounds more pleasant, doesn't it? Through those doors that are now opening are a series of challenges. There's a special prize for the winners, and for the losers, well, let's just say you won't need to get your parking validated once we're done. These rooms will be filled with poisonous gas in about three minutes, so I suggest you all get moving. And remember, when you see the cameras, smile!"

The New Mutants end up trapped in the latest version of Arcade’s Murderworld, and this time, the reality television programming isn’t just in bad taste; it’s lethal.


Angelica Jones, Callie Betto, Catseye, Inez Temple, Julian Keller, Meggan Szardos, Tatiana Caban, Yvette Petrovic, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Lillian Crawley-Jeffries, Amara Aquilla_-_Phase_1, Suzanne Chan



Jan 31, 2009 - Feb 3, 2009

Plot Summary

It began when Julian won the monthly prize from Screw Top games, an online free gaming site that hosts hundreds of free flash type video games. The prize for the New York region is an all-expense paid day at Laser Saga, an indoor laser tag arena and games zone about an hour from the mansion. With the win, Julian finds that he can also take his new friends with him.

The school agreed to the day trip, and Jean-Paul, Suzanne, Amara and Lil agreed to act as chaperones for the younger kids. Once they reached Laser Saga, the group was escourted down to the ‘Battle Zone’, where they put on bulky vests with the sensors and stand in the 'airlock' getting their final 'briefing' before being let into the arena.

However, before the doors opened, the activated vests turned out to conceal cleverly hidden mutant inhibitors, and the room was filled with gas. The swiftness of the ambush, and the loss of their abilities left the whole group unconscious, only to awake separated into four groups in featureless rooms. With them were also four other mutants they had never met before, all claiming to not know how they got to this place. Over the loudspeaker came the voice of Arcade, welcoming them to Murderworld, and presenting an interesting contest.

Screw Top Games is secretly owned by Arcade, and he had his analysts watching the games looking for signs of potential mutant powers (superhuman reaction, anticipation, etc). When Julian started to connect from the school's IP address, Arcade began to lay his trap. Split into teams, they were forced to compete against each other in seemingly lethal games, based on popular reality shows.

They faced three levels of challenges, based off of America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, and So You Think You Can Dance. In each level, several of them were seemingly killed, along with the unknown additions, leaving them to believe the traps were all lethal. However, each of the traps was cunningly designed to simply deposit them safely out of the way in a holding area. Yvette and Jean-Paul were able to break free before being shunted into the cells, and started a rampage in the inner workings of Murderworld, hoping to disrupt the challenges.

Finally, only Tatiana, Julian, and Callie remained in the game, and found themselves the victors as Arcade offered them their prize; a corporate supported superhero team, individual outfits, secret lair, special vehicles, heroic public events, and followed as part of a reality show. The three angrily refused, were in Arcade simply released them to the same holding area as their friends.

As they leave, the complex began to implode, burying the complex machinery under tons of rock. Shaken but mostly unharmed, they returned to the mansion at about the same time as they were expected to the whole ordeal lasting no more than eight hours.

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Plotrunner: Dex

This was another of Dex's new player plots, which involve taking all the newest members of the game, and trying to design a plot to put them all together.