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Portrayed by Tom Hardy
Known Aliases: Bullseye
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: God is a Gun

A mercenary for hire, Bullseye is especially sadistic and brutal and very, very good at what he does.


Name: Lestor

Aliases: Bullseye

Occupation: Mercenary/assassin

First appearance: December 9, 2014

Family: Unknown


The product of an abusive home, Lestor (last name redacted) barely finished high school before joining a minor league baseball team. He quickly grew bored with the game and, using his superior hand-eye coordination, propreoception, and spatial awareness, pitched the final ball of the game directly at the batter's head. He killed the man and was taken into custody. Instead of going to jail, however, he was tapped by the NSA to be rehabilitated and "trained" to use his powers for the benefit of the government. Utilizing the training he received, it didn't take long for Lestor to go rogue, completely abandoning those who'd kept him out of prison and taking up the life of a mercenary/assassin. He worked and became friendly with Deadpool during this time and the two parted amicably after several successful jobs. However, after Deadpool dropped off the map, his reputation grew within the merc community and, having suffered several embarrassing, failed missions/assignments, Lestor decided he could improve his reputation by taking out his former colleague.

He almost succeeded, tracking Wade down in December 2014 and, after torturing Wade by shooting at several of his friends, took down Wade himself and took him hostage, intending to have a bit of fun before he killed him. He was stopped, however, by the timely arrival of Marie D'Ancato and Cammie Black. Rogue put him down, and the two took Wade and got away.

Phase 2


Superior hand-eye coordination, propreoception, and spatial awareness.



God is a Gun

Phase 2


PB: Tom Hardy

Socked by: Frito