God is a Gun

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Content Warning: This page contains graphic violence, blood and gore.

Content Warning: This page contains depictions of torture.

God is a Gun
Dates run: December 7-9
Run By: Cai
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"Oh. Oh, no. Molly was shot at. Not Wade."

That Weapon X hit out on Wade comes back to bite him.


Wade Wilson, Marie-Ange Colbert, Doug Ramsey, Jubilation Lee, Kurt Sefton, Molly Hayes, Korvus Rook'shir, Scott Summers, Carmilla Black, Marie D'Ancato



December 7-9, 2014

Plot Summary

Marie-Ange and Doug have just left a restaurant when the violence begins, with a sniper taking a shot at Doug. Marie-Ange, sensing something is off, pushes Doug out of the way, and the bullet hits his shoulder instead - saving his life. Later in the day, Wade and Molly go to the comic bookstore together, despite Wade's better judgement, and Wade is shot as well. The next day, Kurt and Jubilee are shot as well.

Molly is examining the hat she was wearing when Wade was shot, and discovers a bullet hole in it. She brings it to Scott, who measures the trajectory and realizes the shot was aiming at Molly, not Wade. He texts Marie-Ange (who is visiting Doug at the clinic) this information, and Doug realizes the sniper's actual target is Wade. He and Marie-Ange attempt to get a hold of Wade, but both fail. This is because Wade was finally taken down and captured earlier in the day by the sniper - Bullseye, hired to find Wade and take him out.

Wade wakes up as Bullseye's hostage, and the sniper offers him a last meal of sorts. Wade figures out that Bullseye was the one who shot at Molly and attacks him, but Bullseye gets the advantage and tortures Wade nearly half to death. Rogue and Cammie arrive just in time to stop Bullseye from decapitating Wade, and Rogue absorbed Bullseye, putting him down, and together she and Cammie got Wade out and back to the mansion so he could begin healing.

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Plotrunner: Cai