Reunion Monticello

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Reunion Monticello
Dates run: July 12, 2008
Run By: Alicia
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This was not a lost sheep he was looking at, but a wolf. Remember that, Nathan.

In a visit to the Mistra memorial in Arlington, Nathan encounters a face from the past - who chooses not to let him remember the conversation for reasons of her own. Part one of the Taygetos Arc.


Nathan Dayspring, Jean Grey

Carly Alvarez


July 12, 2008

Plot Summary

After several days of Elpis-related meetings in Washington DC, a weary Nathan decided to make a stop at Arlington and visit the memorial before returning home. While there, he was approached by Carly Alvarez, a former Mistra operative he thought had been killed in a helicopter crash fifteen years ago.

Carly, a telepath, confessed to him that she had been separated deliberately from the other operatives and made the subject of an experiment. Carmella Ruiz had wanted to see if an operative with telepathy could be fully trained, to the same standard as a staff telepath, but also kept under control. When Carly's conditioning was altered successfully, she was put to work as a solo operative, serving as Ruiz's personal hatchetwoman.

Though Nathan was more than ready to do what he could to help her, he was wary at how little she was prepared to tell him about what she had been doing since Ruiz's execution. Carly, in turn, was quite obviously seeking some reason to trust him without revealing too much herself. Though she admitted that her purpose for seeking him out was her desire to see her conditioning removed, she took exception to the idea of accompanying Nathan to a safe location to discuss the matter further, and attacked him.

With their minds in contact, Nathan was shocked to realize that she had Askani-style shields, and quickly made the connection that he was in fact talking to Trask's mysterious telepath. Carly smashed through his shields and knocked him out, after telling him that he had made this unnecessarily difficult.

Nathan woke up an hour later, with no memory of what had happened to him but fully aware that his mind had been altered. He returned home, where Charles established that whoever had attacked him hadn't left any nasty surprises behind. Strangely, his previously shaky shields were now entirely stable. An unsettled Nathan spoke to Jean later that day, knowing that he needed to take steps to at least begin and understand offensive telepathy a little better, if he didn't want incidents like these to keep happening.

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Reunion Monticello

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This was Nathan's fourth unpleasant encounter with a hostile psionic influence in 2008 (the others taking place in The Shadow King (plot), Creations Beautiful and Wondrous, and Red God).


Plotrunner: Alicia

The plot was inspired by an idea in the Song-Title Meme by Nute. The title is taken from the song, 'Reunion Monticello', by Carbon Leaf.