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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.

Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


Dates run: June 21, 2009 - June 26, 2009
Run By: Suzene
Read the logs: Mnemovore

He's alive. But he's not in good shape.

Taygetos strikes out at Nathan during an Elpis endeavor, and a friend pays the price in his stead. Part eight of the Taygetos Arc.


Nathan Dayspring, Jean-Paul Beaubier

Phoenix, Emplate, M Sunfire

Alpha, Shrine, Charles Xavier


June 21, 2009 - June 26, 2009

Plot Summary

Following a trip to help with an Elpis-involved athletics program in Moldova, Nathan and Jean-Paul are ambushed by Taygetos personnel. Their intent is to capture Nathan, but this is thwarted when, during psionic combat between Nathan and Shrine, the Taygetos telepath along for the mission, Shrine lashes out at Nathan with a psionic bolt. The indiscriminate attack catches his own team's teleporter as well as Nathan. The disoriented girl then transports Nathan and herself to a random location in the Ukraine, several hundred miles away. She flees before Nathan can stop her, but not before he gleans images of her ultimate destination from her mind. The backlash from the battle with Shrine leaves Nathan convinced that it's twenty years in the past and he's been attacked by Mistra. A phone call from Alpha the next morning convinces him that Mistra has kidnapped his long-deceased friend GW Bridge. An exchange is offered, which Nathan rejects.

In reality, Taygetos has captured Jean-Paul, who is telepathically interrogated and tortured by Shrine, with the aim of turning him into a weapon to be used when Nathan makes his inevitable rescue attempt.

When neither Nathan nor Jean-Paul check in at their next destination, the X-Men track them down. Jean Grey heads a team to locate Nathan in the Ukraine, where he has spent days trying to track down out-of-date contacts. The touch of her mind snaps Nathan back into the present, and they are able to use the information he glimpsed in the teleporter's mind to locate the Taygetos safehouse where Jean-Paul is being kept.

The team arrives to find the Taygetos personnel dead at the hands of Jean-Paul. The speedster, who has been driven to a psychotic break by Shrine's interrupted reprogramming attempt, responds to the team's presence by trying to kill them. The X-Men subdue Jean-Paul, then strip the safehouse of any useful information before Shiro razes it to the ground. The X-Men return to the mansion, where Nathan, Jean, and Charles Xavier begin the slow process of restoring Jean-Paul's mind.

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Shrine was socked by Alicia.


Plotrunner: Suzene

The cut-lines for the Mnemovore logs are taken from the lyrics of the song "Pain" by Oingo Boingo.

The plot title means "eater of memories" and is pronounced "nem-oh-vore".