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Dates run: September 27-28, 2008
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: Krypteia

"His mind... it's warped." There really wasn't any other word for it, and she really couldn't explain how. It just... didn't make any sense.

A pro-mutant rally is attacked by trained mutant soldiers, only in their teens, another clue to the mysterious 'Taygetos' project. Part three of the Taygetos Arc.


Angelo Espinosa, Tatiana Caban, Karolina Dean, Noriko Ashida, Callisto, Nathan Dayspring.

Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, Juggernaut.

Mariana Machado, four unidentified mutant assassins


September 27-28, 2008

Plot Summary

In late September, New Dawn held an exhibition in New York's Central Park. There were talks given on the movement's activities and way of life, demonstrations by New Dawn artisans, and other exhibits designed to introduce the movement to the wider world. Angelo, at Nathan's suggestion, decided to take a small group of students to the event. Tatiana came out of genuine interest, while Noriko and Karolina hoped to take the opportunity to slip away. Callisto, who had been planning to spend the day in New York, agreed to drop them off and pick them up.

The group attended Mariana Machado's talk that evening, joined by Callisto. Her enhanced senses allowed her to pick up on suspicious movement in the woods, shortly before an energy blast barely missed Machado and sent the crowd into a panic. When the Xavier's group became separated in the chaos, Angelo was only able to locate Tatiana, at first. The two of them also ecnountered Machado, whom Angelo convinced to stick with them as he called the X-Men for help. Elsewhere in the woods, Karolina's visible glow attracted the attention of one of the would-be assassins, a young mutant who identified her as a threat. She and Noriko were rescued by Callisto.

Fortunately, a small team had already been aloft in the new Blackbird, practicing telekinetic personnel drops. Under the cover of inclement weather provided by Ororo, they were able to arrive rapidly at Central Park, intervening to protect their people and Machado. With a telepathic scan of the young assassins, Jean established that their minds had been psionically manipulated to a heretofore unseen extent, while Cain was very disturbed by finding himself in a combat situation with 'kids', giving him a disturbing flashback to the incident with Siena Blaze.

One of the young assassins made another attempt to kill Machado, and Scott attempted a non-lethal counter with an optic blast. Unfortunately, he was hit from behind and the optic blast fired in an unintended direction, seriously injuring the young mutant. The other assassins retreated. Scott made the decision to send the injured assassin back to the mansion on board the Blackbird, but his injuries were too severe, and he did not survive the trip.

Back at the mansion, the age of the attackers, their obvious military training, and what was done to their minds raised other questions, given the events of Seven Minutes In Heaven. Nathan asked Jean to check the body for any unusual markings, and during a cursory examination, they found a small alpha-omega tattoo, identical to the ones given to new Mistra operatives. The obvious connection was made, as was a call to Nick Fury, who sent someone out to collect the body and debrief the team.

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Scott became more distanced from the younger members of the X-Men following the incident, eventually suggesting Marie D'Ancato get more involved in their training.


Plotrunner: Alicia