Mariana Machado

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Mariana Machado
Portrayed by Maribel Verdu
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Alvorecer Novo
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Krypteia

Mariana Machado founded Alvorecer Novo, a communal living movement in the Amazonas province of Brazil. A mutant herself, she included genetic integration as one of the movement's guiding principles.


Name: Mariana Machado

Aliases: None

Occupation: Environmentalist and activist.

First appearance: Krypteia

Family: Unknown


Mariana Machado founded Alvorecer Novo with a group of friends, and quickly expanded it to include both rural and urban communities. An intelligent, kind-hearted woman, she nonetheless has ambitions for her movement, hoping that it will grow to have a real impact on Brazilian society. Though she deliberately included genetic integration as one of the movement's guiding principles, she does not consider Alvorecer Novo a 'mutant organization', and strongly resists any attempt by press or other outsiders to characterize it as such.

Though she claimed to have no knowledge of why she was targeted by the Taygetos program, but seemed to know more than she was saying. The truth was revealed a year later; she was shielding four escapees from the program, and had been connected to a former employee who later turned on Taygetos, attempting to bring it down. Using the information he had left her as 'insurance', Machado helped the X-Men bring about the destruction of the program, confirming herself as a new ally.


Has the ability to manipulate the nutrient levels in soil.



Fiddler's Green


PB: Maribel Verdu

Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alicia