Taygetos Arc

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Taygetos Arc
Dates run: July 12, 2008 - July 23, 2009
Run By: Alicia
Plots: Reunion Monticello, Seven Minutes In Heaven, Krypteia, The Magnificent Seven, Walking Ghosts, Heretics, X-Men Mission: Fifth Column, Mnemovore, Fiddler's Green

"You know the funny thing about messiahs, Nathan?" he asked. "They always have to die."

Mistra is defeated, but not all of its projects have been taken down.


July 12, 2008 - July 23, 2009

Arc Summary

With a former Mistra agent appearing on the scene, the Taygetos project is revealed - the breeding and genetic tampering with infant mutants to create the perfect soldiers, an extension of Mistra's mutant militarisation programs. With former team mate John Lense surfacing on the side of Taygetos, Nathan and the X-Men find themselves behind the eight ball at every turn... until they decide to turn the tables on the group and use Nathan as bait.

Arc Plots

Reunion Monticello: In a visit to the Mistra memorial in Arlington, Nathan encounters a face from the past - who chooses not to let him remember the conversation for reasons of her own.

Seven Minutes In Heaven: When SHIELD requests the X-Men's help to investigate a secret project with connections to Mistra, the mission goes badly wrong.

Krypteia: A pro-mutant rally is attacked by trained mutant soldiers, only in their teens, another clue to the mysterious 'Taygetos' project.

The Magnificent Seven: When information about Taygetos is intercepted at the Hellfire Club, it leads the X-Men back to Wakanda to avert another assassination attempt against T'Challa.

Walking Ghosts: A request from SHIELD draws Nathan into an emotionally complicated situation that turns deadly.

Heretics: An Elpis trip to Morocco leaves Nathan, Monet and Catseye caught between old enemies who want to protect him and unknown allies who want to annihilate the aforementioned old enemies.

X-Men Mission: Fifth Column: When a groundbreaking new university program in Budapest for telepaths is threatened, the X-Men are drawn into a situation that is far more complex than they realize.

Mnemovore: Taygetos strikes out at Nathan during an Elpis endeavor, and a friend pays the price in his stead.

Fiddler's Green: A risky strategy wins the X-Men a chance to launch a final attack against the Taygetos program. The finale of the Taygetos arc.

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Links to things/concepts/locations that arose for the first time in the game during the plot. Eg. The Neutraliser, Nova Roma, etc.

Trivia and Meta


This arc was Nathan's swan song, as he retired from the X-Men shortly after Fiddler's Green ended, and then left the mansion (and was retired as a playable character) in September 2009.


Plotrunner: Alicia