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Powers: Enhanced Physical Traits
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Enhanced Physical Traits are mutants who possess physical abilities far greater than even the most talented or trained human. One of the most common types of mutation, enhanced physical abilities also have one of the widest varieties in how they manifest.

Types of Enhanced Physical Traits

There are three standard types of enhanced traits that go beyond the human norm: Super Strength Super Agility and Super Endurance. While there are other physical traits that can be exceptional, these represent the main catagories of ability.

Super Strength

Super Strength is an increased level of strength past an ordinary human that the mutant possesses. Through sheer power, super strong mutants can perform great feats of lifting, carrying, and generating force. Many can also use the raw strength to jump great distances or climb walls and buildings by hauling their weight up in leaps. Super strength can range from just beyond human levels up to being able to lift tens of tons and demolish buildings barehanded. While many super strong mutants are highly resistant to damage, this is not always the case.

Super Agility

Super Agility is an increased ability to move and coordinate ones body to perform feats of acrobatics and speed far beyond that of a normal human. Mutants with enhanced agility can move and dodge with remarkable alacrity, leap and jump through complex obstacles, and react with great speed. Super agility can range from just beyond human levels for balance, flexibility and speed to the ability to move effortlessly in 360 degrees at great speed, able to dodge bullets and scale any surface. All mutants with super agility have a greatly increased physical reaction time.

Super Endurance

Super Endurance is an increased level of resistance past an ordinary human to ignore fatigue, exposure to the elements, hostile atmospheres and physical pain. Mutants with super endurances can often shrug off the effects of poison, travel through extreme heat and cold without adverse effects, ignore sleep for days or even weeks, and continue to function even in extreme pain. Super endurance can range from just beyond the human capacity to a virtually unstoppable force that can continue through the most hostile conditions imaginable. Super endurance is different from both invulnerability and healing factor, because super endurance lessens the impact of external factors continuously, as opposed to continully renewing the body or shielding it from all existing factors. Super endurance does not always include resistance to damage or strength, but rather the body's resilliancy in handling it.

How it works

There are four standard methods for a mutant to possess enhanced physical traits: High Density Muscle, Physical Configuration, Physical State, and Specific Power Use

High Density Muscle

Super strength, super endurance and super agility can all come from the transition and development of High Density muscle in the mutant's body. The total physical power and speed excerted by the muscle is many times greater than the quantifiable limits, leading scientists to conclude that the muscle is in a highly specific superpositional state. This state causes the muscle to be able to exert much greater energy in relation to its mass than would otherwise be possible. There have been extensive studies into mapping this process, and using density functional theory to explain the muscle.

The calculated total kinetic energy that the structure of the muscle represents is indicative of the available force which it can generate. In the muscles of mutants with enhanced physical abilities, the muscle cells exist in a quantum substate with the total number of cells in the structure. As each cell creates their limit of kinetic force, exchange interaction increases the energy where each wave functions overlap. The constant overlapping of kinetic output increases the total kinetic energy expended exponentially, generating tremendous output.

Because of the quantum state of the muscle, opposing kinetic energy is countered in the kinetic energy expendature first, as opposed to transferring to the body as a whole. For this reason, mutants who possess enhanced physical abilities normally do not suffer from the reprecussions that would normally be the result of the increased expendature. Tissue, bone, and skin all continue to operate in normal ranges outside of the quantum state generated. While lifting a ten ton weight would shatter the bones and cause massive internal trauma on a normal person, one with quantum density muscle can do so without any special physical reinforcement. Collision of a kinetic state which is not the same as the one generated by the muscle will act on the body as normal, which is why individuals with such powers often do not possess any sort of exceptional resiliance to injury.

The rate and intensity of the exchange interation determines the overall level of the enhanced ability, which is why there is such a large range in enhanced levels. High density muscle usually only expresses a single state, however, there have been instances of mutants with both super strength and agility or endurence at the same time.

Physical Configuration

Many mutants with modified physical configurations, like ferals and others, derive their agility and strength from the optimized configuration of their form, using normal muscle expendatures. Mutants with great size, or elongated limbs will often possess extraordinary strength or agility due to the uniquness of their body. Mutants with additional limbs like wings or tails will commonly have completely unique muscle groups and structures to accomodate the appendage.

Physical State

Mutants who possess the ability to transform their physical state, or who are permenantly in a different state often possess traits that reflect that change. Mutants who can change their form to metals or rock often display much greater strength due to the higher tensile strength of the materials. In these cases, the enhanced physical trait is an element of the main power, as opposed to being a seperate ability of its own.

Specific Power Use

In some cases, the use of a power can temporarily replicate the abilities of an enhanced trait. In these cases, the enhanced physical trait is an element of the main power, as opposed to being a seperate ability of its own.

It is possible to possess super physical traits as part of two, three or even all four of these elements combined, although it is fairly rare.

Other Information

While super physical traits often are associated with other powers, there is no specifically constant or certain combination.

Super traits do not rely on either the size or bulk of the muscle to generate their enhanced effects. While mutants will often display signs of their traits, this is not universal.

Mutants with enhanced traits, especially strength and agility, tend to consume large amounts of food to sustain the energy their body burns off maintaining it.

Enhanced Physical Traits in X-Project

Phase 1

  • Korvus Rook'shir (strength, enhanced speed, reflexes, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance)
  • Miles Morales (strength, agility, endurance, flexibility and "spider sense")
  • Mondo (strength and endurance)

Phase 2

  • Korvus Rook'shir (strength, enhanced speed, reflexes, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance, and endurance)
  • Logan (endurance, agility, speed and senses)
  • Namor (strength, speed, endurance and agility)
  • Sharon Friedlander (strength, speed, stamina, endurance, agility, flexibility, balance, dexterity, hand-eye coordination and reflexes)