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Powers: Feral
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Feral mutations are primarily physical mutations, often encompassing enhanced senses, some forms of healing factor and often atavistic physical traits. Mutants with feral mutations are usually referred to as ferals, although the term is often used as a blanket reference to any mutant with atavistic mutations.

What is a feral mutation?

The term "feral" refers to an animal that has escaped from domestication and returned, partly or wholly, to a wild state. With regards to mutation in humans, a feral mutation is one that results in the mutant resembling a more 'wild' form of homo sapiens, although not necessarily a devolved or atavistic form.

Most ferals exhibit greater survival instincts, which often are accompanied by physical mutations or adaptations for survival outside of modern civilization. This often expresses itself in such manners as:

  • Behavioural/Psychological/Mental traits: Many ferals develop subconscious instincts in line with their feral abilities that often conflict with "civilized" behavior, causing them to be seen as antisocial or in some extreme cases, sociopathic. Many times, if left to their own devices, a feral will regress psychologically from full sapience, resulting in animalistic behavior. Ferals tend to react with greater emotion to stimuli than non-ferals, and often develop strong emotional connections to people and possessions. Many ferals are seen as territorial, and often fiercely loyal, in some instances developing a full-blown "pack mentality".

  • Enhanced Senses, often to the level where the feral is not consciously aware of their brain processing information. This subconscious processing of sensory information is often assumed to be a "sixth sense", although it is not psionic in nature.

  • A healing factor that allows the feral to recover from physical damage at an accelerated rate

  • Atavistic ("throwback") mutations such as pronounced canine teeth, vertical "catlike" irises, claws, increased body hair, or a tail. Also, it often involves a simpler digestive tract, to garner nourishment from raw and unprocessed foods. Many ferals exhibit food allergies to certain processed foods. It ought to be noted, however, that not all ferals have such mutations, nor are all atavistic mutants to be considered ferals.

The differences between ferals and similar mutations

Many mutants possess the ability to shapeshift into animal forms, although this is not considered a feral mutation, but rather a metamorphic ability. Functionally, many animalistic metamorphs exhibit similar abilities to ferals.

Atavistic mutations often happen without the presence of the x-gene, including otherwise genetically-normal human babies being born with caudal appendages (tails) or an incomplete digestive system. Some atavistic mutations are considered harmful, without corresponding feral attributes to compensate, however there are those who combine the two.

Not all mutants with enhanced senses or healing factors are feral mutants, either. Istvan Barath and Saul Morrow are examples of mutants with enhanced senses and healing factors, respectively, who do not display feral mutations.

Ferals in X-Project

Phase 1

"Pure" ferals, with no atavistic traits:

"Atavistic" ferals, displaying some physical traits:

Phase 2

"Pure" ferals, with no atavistic traits:

"Atavistic" ferals, displaying some physical traits: