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Saul Morrow - deceased
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Introduction: Skeleton Coast

Father of Nathan Dayspring, Saul was an active participant in his brother's schemes until Gideon turned his sights on the son he'd been estranged from for many years.


Name: Saul Morrow

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Samara Data Consulting

First appearance: June 5, 2005

Family: Nathan Dayspring (son), Esther Morrow (wife, deceased), Gideon Faraday (brother, deceased)


A year younger than his brother Gideon, Saul looked decades older. While his brother was working at the VULCAN think-tank and establishing Eris Consulting, Saul was living in an experimental community in Alaska. Contrary to Nathan’s distorted memories of his childhood, the commune was in fact an experiment in sustainable living. (The exact nature of its founders’ philosophy remains unclear.) He met his wife Esther soon after moving to Alaska, and Nathan was born shortly thereafter.

Twelve years later, at Gideon’s behest, Saul allowed his brother to remove his son from Alaska and arrange for him to be sent to Mistra. His brother promised to watch over Nathan in his stead. Saul moved away from Alaska, founding Samara Data Recovery. His relationship with his wife became difficult afterwards, but they remained together until her death sixteen years later. Saul remained completely out of contact with his son until after the events on Youra. In going through the Mistra databases, the government located Nathan’s original birth certificate and discovered that he had one parent still alive. Though very uncertain, due to his warped memories of his childhood, Nathan agreed to meet with his father.

Father and son attempted to reconnect, a process shattered when Saul introduced Nathan to his uncle. Afterwards, Nathan’s relationship with his father was hostile, although Nathan’s ambiguous feelings continued to haunt him as his father continued to insist that he loved him and had always had his best interests at heart, and was proud of the man he’d become. Saul interceded in Namibia, preventing Nathan from killing Gideon by shooting him with a tranquilizer gun. After Gideon killed Bridge, Saul attempted to keep his son and his brother from each other’s throats, something that became far more difficult after the X-Men set Gideon up for public embarrassment and potential criminal charges in Vladivostok. He attempted to bring Nathan and Gideon together to talk things out, but the summit led to Nathan’s kidnapping by Gideon. Saul went to the X-Men to offer his help in finding them. In Ushuaia, thinking that Nathan had been killed in an explosion, Saul tricked a dying Gideon into synching to his powers and then committed suicide by turning all of his healthy cells into cancer, killing them both.

He left his fortune and his company to his son. Nathan sold Samara Data Recovery and used the proceedings and much of the rest of his inheritance to found Elpis, believing that his father would have opposed such humanitarian work.


Saul was a “walking stem cell”, able to control every cell of his body and change their function at will. One application of his powers involved creating a secondary brain elsewhere in his nervous system; the interference caused by duplicate psi-patterns in one body caused him to be unreadable telepathically.


Skeleton Coast


House of Wind


Formerly socked by: Nute, Alicia