X-Men Mission: Trans-Siberian Hustle

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Part 7 of Tomorrow's Children.

X-Men: Trans-Siberian Hustle
Dates run: March 15-16, 2006
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: Trans-Siberian Hustle

How would you like to catch Gideon Faraday red-handed in the act of human trafficking?

The X-Men set up a sting operation to publicly expose some of Gideon's more underhanded dealings.


Cyclops, Cannonball, Dazzler, Colossus, Cable, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut, Jetstream, Pete Wisdom

NPCs: Gideon Faraday, Colin MacInnis, Tanya Callery


March 15-16, 2006

Plot Summary

Cyclops, sitting on coms watch, received a call from Colin MacInnis, who had information that would allow the X-Men to catch Gideon Faraday in the act of buying a mutant, one who possessed a mutation so valuable that Faraday was going to Vladivostok to make the transaction himself. The mutant was being shipped by train, for delivery the following night. Initially, the team planned a rescue, but inspired by Cable's wistful thinking about how nice it would be to be able to use this against his uncle, Dazzler came up with a more complicated plan, one that was potentially far more damaging to Gideon.

Arriving in Russia, Cyclops called an American reporter there on assignment, giving her information about Faraday's meeting with his contact and the substance of the exchange. Then, with Colossus, he boarded the train a few stops away from Vladivostok. While Colossus distracted the guards on the cargo car with vodka and conversation, Cyclops snuck into the car and freed the mutant, a young woman. Cannonball, keeping pace with the train in the air, picked her up and flew her to safety. Cyclops replaced her in the shipping crate with a heavily disguised Pete Wisdom.

Back in Vladivostok, Cable and Dazzler made contact with an old friend of his - Alexey Grachov, the older brother of the Pack's Vasily and a former agent of the FSB, now in business for himself. Alexey called in a favor, swapping his own men for those that had been hired by the smugglers to guard the meeting.

As the time for the meeting approached, Cable watched the site from a distance, well out of his uncle's synching range. Dazzler led her half of the team to intercept Gideon's security detail, the fight keeping them busy enough that none of the mutants on the detail could get to the meeting site and allow their employer to synch to their abilities.

At the meeting site, Gideon was surprised when the crate burst open to reveal Pete, rather than the girl he'd come to buy. The guards supplied by Alexey fled, as did the smugglers. Though Gideon synched to Pete's powers, he found that it didn't help him much - immune to his own powers, Pete merely advanced on him and took him on hand-to-hand. A chance misstep left Pete with a sprained ankle and Gideon with a chance to get away, but the reporter, watching from cover, got the whole exchange on tape.

Pete rendezvoused with Cable and they returned to the Blackbird, where the two teams had regrouped. Alexey took charge of the young mutant, MacInnis promised to send additional incriminating details to the reporter, and the X-Men flew home with a real sense of victory.

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As a result of the public embarrassment he suffered after the events in Vladivostok, Gideon made the decision to up the ante, leading directly to the events in Ushuaia.


Plotrunner: Alicia