Tanya Callery

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Tanya Callery
Portrayed by Sabrina Lloyd
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Hungarian government (Istvan Barath)
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: March 16, 2006

Tanya Callery left her duties as head of Istvan Barath's security detail to infiltrate Tara Trask's organization. Though she was successful in sabotaging several operations and passing on intelligence, she was forced to break cover to save her adopted city.


Name: Tanya Irene Callery

Aliases: None

Occupation: Former head of the Prime Minister of Hungary's security detail. Will likely be returning to that job once she's recovered from her injuries.

First appearance: March 16, 2006

Family: Unknown


The X-Men first met Callery in her role as head of security for Gideon Faraday. When they tried to expose Faraday's involvement in human trafficking, part of that operation involved keeping his security detail from reaching the site of the planned meeting. Callery surprised Cain Marko with her ability to go toe-to-toe with him, although her efforts to get to her employer were in vain and the trap was sprung as planned.

She led Gideon's security forces again in Ushuaia, to try and buy her employer time to finish his business with his nephew. The situation involved another, even more abortive fight with Cain which came to an end when Askani's journey down the precognitive link caused a massive explosion. Callery and the rest of Gideon's security people disappeared in the aftermath.

She reappeared as the head of Istvan Barath's security detail, much to the shock of Scott Summers, Ororo Munroe, and Forge, during their consulting trip to Budapest. She worked with them to try and protect Barath during the subsequent assassination attempt, but in the aftermath, found herself with the opportunity to help her employer in a surprising way. After one of the assassins appealed to her as a fellow mutant and woman, Callery arranged to break the woman out and accompany her back to Trask, supposedly to join up. Alterations made to her mind by Gideon made her unreadable telepathically, and thus a perfect (as well as believable, due to her previous affiliations) spy.

The X-Men were made aware of this plan, given that they were likely to encounter Trask and her new 'recruit' at some point. How successful Callery's undercover effort will be remains to be seen, but what seems clear is that her motivations, perhaps for the first time in her life, are driven at least in part by personal rather than professional loyalty.

She attempted to warn the team about an upcoming assassination attempt against a Russian archbishop involved in mutant activism. Engaging Cain during the subsequent fight, she also managed to pass some information to him. Unfortunately, the assassination team itself was a feint; the bishop was killed by a car bomb, leaving the X-Men to wonder if Callery had set them up, or been set up herself.

In her next encounter with the X-Men while undercover, Callery was injured in a fight with Jean Grey, an incident that, while uncomfortable, preserved her cover with Trask, which was shaky after the events surrounding the assassination of Bishop Garnoff. Unfortunately, she was not able to pass on any useful information in the process. A few months later, however, she was able to pass on invaluable information, allowing the X-Men to retrieve information about the Taygetos program that let them stop an assassination attempt against the king of Wakanda and the invasion of that country.

But when Trask and the Preservers targeted Hungary once more, she was forced to break her cover to reveal critical information about a planned attack on the Parliament building. Fingered as the traitor and severely injured in the subsequent fighting, she was saved by Jean and remained in Budapest to recover.


Callery's mutation involves a range of physical enhancements, including increased strength, speed, reflexes and durability. Twice in the past she has managed to acquit herself respectably in a fight with Cain Marko, although her mutation is not as extreme as Nimrod's or T'Challa's, and she is further disadvantaged by being much smaller in mass than her male counterparts.


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PB: Sabrina Lloyd

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Formerly socked by Alicia