Analog Kid, Digital Man

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Analog Kid, Digital Man
Analog kid.jpg
Dates run: June 20- July 1, 2009
Run By: Frito
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"Screwing with us."

"Screwing with us, specifically."

"Ah, balls."

Both men nodded at each other and said in unison, "Milan."

A trip to a futuristic hotel in Dubai is less than relaxing when two old 'friends' appear on the scene, bent on revenge.


Forge, Kyle Gibney, Doug Ramsey, Laurie Collins, Crystal Amaquelin

Milan, Quentin Quire


June 20- July 1, 2009

Plot Summary

Receiving invitations for an expenses-paid trip to a fully-computerised hotel in Dubai, Forge invited his friends Doug, Kyle and Crystal to join him. Laurie, still on her European Tour with Crystal, came along as well due to a miscommunication, but after an embarrassing scene at the airport, all was settled and the group found themselves in the lap of fully-automated luxiry.

It was not to last, however, as Quentin Quire, there for an illegal poker tournament, ran into Doug and ranted about it on his blog. Francesco Milan, on the run from Interpol for his earlier crimes, was holing up in the hotel, finding it a perfect place for his talents. He discovered Quire's blog and proposed a team-up, aimed at the two men each considered having ruined their lives - Forge and Doug.

Fuelled by Kick, Quire invaded Doug's dreams that night, digging out his worst fears - bees and Mastermold. The next morning, Milan used these fears against him, piping the sound of bees through the speakers in the bathrooms and talking to him in a female's voice in Russian. Doug panicked, requiring Forge and Crystal to calm him down. In the meantime, Laurie and Kyle were trapped in an elevator, reluctantly working together to escape. The rest of the hotel was evacuated for a fire alarm, leaving only the five mutants - and their tormentors - in the building, which was fully under Milan's control at this time, his own power boosted by Kick as well.

The Xavierites fought back, with Forge battling a legion of robots to shut down the power to the building while Kyle and Doug took down Milan and Crystal and Laurie taught Quire to keep his brain to himself. Milan managed to escape, however, when he took out Kyle and Doug with a taser and Forge, intercepting him, decided to let him go instead.

The group, freed from the hotel, retired to Attilan and some actual vacation, while Milan broke Quire out of custody and the two disappeared, no doubt to reappear and cause trouble again another day.

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Trivia and Meta


Forge and Kyle did a mission report for the incident in song. Sung to the tune of Best Song In The World Tribute by Tenacious D.

This was the lamest vacation in the world. Report.

About a week ago me and my buddy Kyle here,

We were on vacation in a big posh hotel

All of a sudden, there heinously appeared a heinous technopath

In the systems of the hotel

And he said:

"You're my nemesis, John Henry Forge,

And I'll eat your soul."

Well, me and Kyle

We looked at each other

And we each said


So we made the first plan that came to our heads

It just so happened to be

The best plan in the world

It was the best plan in the world


Look through my report and it's easy to see

Me and Kyle make two

Add Doug and it's three

It was textbook, you see.

But the technopath had a telepath friend

But Crystal and Laurie put him to an end

But that wasn't the end...

Needless to say

Milan was stunned

But fizz-app went his taser

And poor Kyle was done

He asked us:

"Be you beaten?"

And we said:

"Nay! We are X-Men!"


This is not the greatest plan in the world, no

This is just the report

Didn't write down the best plan in the world, no

This is a report

Of the greatest plan in the world

You bet

It was the greatest plan in the world

All right!

And the peculiar thing was this

The plan that we actually came up with in that hotel

Didn't sound anything like this report

This is just the report

You've got to believe me

You just had to be there

Trust me, that's how it happened

There were also puppets. Scott wasn't really impressed, but it was a hit with the younger team members.


Plotrunner: Frito

This plot was based on another of the song lyrics meme reposonses by Nute and the title comes from two Rush songs. Nute also made this poster for the plot.