Bartlet Family

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Bartlet Family
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Jack, Monica, Joe and Carlie Bartlet
Affiliations: Madelyn Bartlet
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: November 2004

The Bartlets are the immediate family of Madelyn Bartlet. They live in Philadelphia and have little connection to the school since the departures of Madelyn and Jubilee.


First appearance: November 2004

Jack Bartlet
Jack bartlet.jpg
Solid and no-nonsense, giving the impression he was a blue-colour working, Jack was a manager of a small accounting firm before he took early retirement due to health issues. Easy to underestimate, he considers himself a student of human nature and takes deep interest in those around him.

PB: Richard Crenna

Monica Bartlet
Monica bartlet.jpg
While the bane of her daughters' lives, Monica, a former nurse, loves her children deeply, no matter what they choose to do in life. She would prefer to see Madelyn and Carlie married and with more grandchildren for her, but she doesn't begrudge them their career choices. She welcomes anyone her flock bring home as part of the family and feeds them to within an inch of their lives.

PB: Tyne Daly

Joe Bartlet
Joe bartlet.jpg
Much like his father, but quieter, Joe is a musician, playing saxophone in a jazz band that travels up and down the Eastern seaboard. It takes him away from his wife and chldren more than he would like, but he is also devoted to his music and can't choose between them.

PB: Marcus Giamatti

Madelyn Bartlet
Former FBI agent and medical doctor, Madelyn spent some time at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters filling the gap left with Jean Grey's death. She is considered the 'success' of the family by her extended relatives, especially in her current role as director of a charitable organisation in Scotland. She is currently dating Henry McCoy and helping to raise his adopted son Billy. For further information, see her individual page.

PB: Amy Brenneman

Carlie Bartlet
Youngster of the Bartlet siblings, Carlie started college in 2005, studying politics and journalism. She is currently doing her graduate work in political science at Pennsylvania State and has become deeply involved with the HeliX program in the wake of Day Zero. Red-haired and freckled, she exudes energy and enthusiasm, and tends to adopt various waifs and strays, such as Jubilation Lee.

PB: Rachel Hurd-Wood.

Other Relatives: Kate (sister in law, wife of Joe), Michael (nephew) and Sarah (niece).


Madelyn is the middle child of an American-Irish family of three children. Her elder brother, Joe plays saxophone in a jazz band and her younger sister Carlie, the baby of the family, began college in 2005.

The elder Bartlets live in Pittsburgh, in the house Madelyn's great-grandfather bought when he got married. Madelyn's little sister lived with their parents, who were on the brink of retirement - Monica was a nurse, working as a physiotherapy assistant, and her father was the manager of a small accountancy firm.

Madelyn maintained close contact with her family despite her busy life, especially at family holidays - only the end of the world is a good enough excuse to miss Christmas dinner, according to her mother. There is also a large extended family or varying levels of success - one common trait is a particular sense of social responsibility. All the Bartlets (and the Callaghans, her mother's family) are involved in some form of community service, from volunteering at their local church (the family is Catholic, although generally not vocal about it) to a cousin working with the Peace Corps in Africa, and Madelyn herself.

Carlie in particular formed ties with the school, befriending Jubilee when Madelyn brought her to a Bartlet Thanksgiving dinner and then visiting the school on occasion. Passionate about politics and human rights, she often communicated with Forge about HeliX and the mutant-awareness group she was a part of at college. She is a graduate student with the Department of Political Science at Pennsylvania State University. She was instrumental in organising a number of "Coexistence Rallies" in the wake of Day Zero and the rise in anti-mutant feeling following the attack on New York. She recently attended the Columbia Memorial to promote HeliX in its new incarnation as a mutant-human coexistence coalition.


Bartlet Thanksgiving Dinner

Graduation Road Trip - Carlie goes with Jubilee, Forge and Catseye to LA.

Newspaper article regarding the Columbia Memorial.


Socked by: Rossi

With the exception of Rachel Hurd-Wood, all of the PBs chosen appeared in Judging Amy at one time or another.