Bloodstone Arc

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Bloodstone Arc
Dates run: December 15-16, 2013
Run By: Rossi
Plots: Operation: One Night In Madripoor, Deal With The Devil, Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart

"And as you see, I have no need for the bloodstones. I have a new protegee now."

When Illyana Rasputin's bloodstones are discovered in Madripoor, Belasco's return isn't far behind.


December 15-16, 2013

Arc Summary

When X-Force discover Illyana's missing bloodstones in the possession of the Mandarin in Madripoor, they go to retrieve them. Unfortunately, as they are on their way back, Belasco sends his demonic minions to invade the mansion - again. This time, their target is Megan Gwynn (with some others as insurance/distraction). While Belasco takes a part of Pixie's soul, Amanda Sefton masterminds a rescue, including a special group of X-Men accompanying young mage, Billy Kaplan.

Arc Plots

Operation: One Night In Madripoor: X-Force goes to Madripoor to retrieve Illyana's bloodstones from the Mandarin.

Deal With The Devil: The mansion is attacked by demons and various residents taken. Amanda goes to make a trade - the bloodstones for the mutants - but is betrayed by a transformed Pixie.

Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart: A hand-picked group of X-Men - those who can be considered 'pure' and without a history of possession or evil - enter Belasco's realm to rescue their fellows, whether they want rescuing or not. The battle for Pixie's soul continues.

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Illyana was socked by Rossi for her brief appearance.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Mackinzie made a number of (awesome!) posters for this arc:

One Night In Madripoor teaser poster

One Night In Madripoor poster

Deal With The Devil poster 1

Deal With The Devil poster 2

Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart poster

The events of this plot arc still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)