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An X-Force mission to Madripoor to recover Illyana Rasputin's lost bloodstones led, indirectly, to another demon invasion of the mansion. This time Belasco's target was Megan Gwynn and, having taken several other residents as bargaining chips, it came down to William Kaplan battling a possessed Pixie and eventually helping her win control over her dark side. Callisto and Angelica Jones were both injured in the incident.

A new student was discovered by Tandy Bowen during an incident at her uncle's church. Runaway mutant, Tyrone Johnson, was brought to the mansion for sanctuary and training.


Dec 1 -

Dec 2 - Callie posts on the journals asking for volunteers to help with decorating the mansion. Megan talks about a new art project and gets some advice from Marie-Ange.

Dec 3 - Kyle finds a picture of a turkey, octopus, bacon and crab monstrosity that he and Angel decide they must fight and then eat.

Dec 4 - Maddie posts up a picture of Clint pointing out his biceps.

Dec 5 -

Dec 6 - Birthday present for Clint from Tandy: 4 Tickets to the USA Science and Engineer festival. Left for Clint by Matt: a hand written card with a $20 gift voucher inside.

Dec 7 - Adrienne posts a picture of a young Tandy with an interesting hairstyle.

Dec 8 - Sarah V. helps Hope get some Christmas shopping done.

Dec 9 - Topaz posts about having lost a book and if anyone has seen it.

Dec 10 - Amanda finds Topaz's lost book, and drops by to return it.

Dec 11 - Catseye posts about organizing a taste testing for foods for her new deli. Billy posts about having managed not to make it snow inside.

Dec 12 - Hope posts about almost being done with writing her Christmas cards.

Dec 13 - Johnny feeds Angel.

Dec 14 -

Dec 15 - Doug stumbles across Sue in the middle of a hallway and stops to help her with a problem with her robots. Yvette posts to wish Angel a happy birthday. Amanda contacts Billy and Topaz about having Doctor Strange for class. Operation: One Night In Madripoor: Marie-Ange contacts Wade about a mission in Madripoor; once in Madripoor, the team goes over the mission specs.

Dec. 16 - Adrienne posts cancelling Monday due to the deaths of Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine over the weekend. Operation: One Night In Madripoor: In Madripoor looking for Illyana's bloodstones, an X-Force team infiltrates the Mandarin's penthouse; a second team encounters mystical monks, and comes off a little worse for wear; a third team gets into a fight at the docks, and are forced to get creative. Maddie texts Clint begging him to save her from cheerleading practice. Deal With The Devil: Professor Xavier alerts the mansion to an incoming invasion; Meggan, Fred, Angelo, Callisto, Jean-Phillipe, and Megan are taken by the invading forces; Marie-Ange texts Scott saying Amanda's wards pinged and asking what happened; Angel and Lorna fight off demons in their suite; Laurie's and Sooraya's dinner plans are ruined by the invasion; Molly's and Tandy's Mario Kart game is interrupted, and they escape into the tunnels; Molly texts Tandy to make sure she's okay; Jean and Kurt encounter demons while wandering the grounds; Sue and Topaz struggle to stay safe when their suite is invaded; Tabitha and Kyle try to defend the library - it doesn't go well; Johnny, Matt, and Rachel team up to fight off the invasion; Amanda emails Scott, Jean, Xavier, and X-Force letting them know it was Belasco behind the invasion, and she thinks she knows why and how to handle it; after meeting with the X-Men, Amanda goes to Belasco to try and barter with him, and becomes a captive herself when Pixie reveals herself as Belaso's new protegee. Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart: Doctor Strange recruits Topaz to help him open a portal to the demon dimension; the cavalry goes into Belasco's demon dimension to rescue the taken (who have been warped and changed by their time in the dimension), and Billy, while guarding the portal, encounters Pixie; Firestar uses Angelo's fear of fire to scare him back home; Angel and Meggan duke it out in an aerial battle; Catseye and Pinball go against Jean-Phillipe; Cannonball and Nevermore team up to bring down Fred; Firestar tries to take down Callisto, and Blink steps in for round two when she fails; Pixie and Billy face off, and a familiar face returns to deal with Belasco.

Dec. 17 - Matt posts thankful for the fact that he doesn't have finals to deal with today. Tabitha emails the mansion residents to let them know the library is closed. Angel wakes up in the med lab after getting hurt during the fight, and Clarice fills her in on what happened. Kyle swings by to feed Angel, and discussion ensues.

Dec. 18 -

Dec. 19 - Laurie texts Doug about going to see Catching Fire for the first date; on the drive back to the mansion, Doug and Laurie discuss Genosha. Deal With The Devil/Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart - Amanda posts explaining the reasons behind the mansion attack and asking for donors for a healing spell for Callisto; Amanda emails Billy and Topaz thanking them for their separate roles in the rescue.

Dec. 20 - Adrienne emails Scott asking for help delivering Tandy's Christmas gift - a car.

Dec. 21 - Laurie posts about spending Christmas with her parents (separately) and asking what everyone else's plans are. Amanda posts announcing a Christmas gathering at the Brownstone for the Trenchcoats, friends, and family. Hope posts about her grandmother coming to visit, and wondering how to explain the demon damage.

Dec. 22 - Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart - Amanda goes to talk to Megan about what happened, and they discuss her joining magic class. Laurie emails Doug about their kiss, questioning if she pushed boundaries. Sooraya visits Angel in the med lab, and the two discuss her plans as far as school next semester.

Dec. 23 - Laurie emails Doug about a picture taken of them under the mistletoe.

Dec. 24 - Amanda wishes Kurt a Happy Birthday.

Dec. 25 - Adrienne leaves an envelope for Tandy with car keys to a 2012 Volkswagen Golf 2.5L Trendline 4-Door 6-Speed Automatic Sedan in Red for Christmas.

Dec. 26 - A new mutant shows up at Tandy’s uncles church, Tyrone Johnson. Tandy texts Scott letting him know that she is coming back to the mansion with Tyrone. Scott alerts the mansion that Tandy had an incident in the city and is coming back to the school with a new mutant. Hope announces that she is leaving tomorrow to go see the Nutcracker with her grandmother. While on vacation, Adrienne and Garrison talk about Adrienne's new business, Tandy's Christmas gift and being happy.

Dec. 27 - Scott tells the staff that there is a new student at the school, Tyrone Johnson. Tandy texts Sue asking her friend if she could make Tyrone feel welcome to the school. Korvus and Meggan enjoy some quiet time with one another, watching Doctor Who.

Dec. 28 -

Dec. 29 -

Dec 30 - In need of a study break, Laurie texts Doug. Jubilee texts Tabitha, saying she’s bored.

Dec 31 - Clarice posts about not being excited about drinking and partying for New Year’s. Scott posts to tell people that he and Jean are ringing in the New Year in Italy.


Operation: One Night In Madripoor

Deal With The Devil

Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart

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