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The after-effects of Day Zero continued, with Amara Aquilla returning to live at the mansion. New student Julian Keller made quite a stir among his all-female classmates and a visit from Nori's parents almost ended in disaster when she fled the mansion after a fight with them and wound up in a mess in New York. Lillian Crawley-Jeffries, another member of Beta Flight, came to the mansion for training and Kevin, stressed over his powers and unable to cope with the grief of losing Jay, accepted an arrangement made by Samson to continue his training at the West Coast Annex. Karolina continued to raise issues within the school when she left the grounds deliberately without her Xavier's phone, and Forge let her (and everyone) know exactly how dumb an idea that was. Laurie neglected herself into pneumonia, which earned her a variety of lectures and enforced bedrest and Morgan took upon herself the task of helping Manuel gain control of his powers by using hers. Jean-Paul took Shiro with him to Canada over the holiday period, and was disconcerted to discover that in all likelihood, he had used his powers during his Olympic career, something which upset his faith in himself.

The Taygetos mystery deepened, with an attack on Wakanda as part of a demonstration, orchestrated by Tara Trask. Wakanda was saved, thanks to the information previously gathered from the Hellfire Club, but it was a close call and afterwards T'Challa left his country for a time to let the Black Panther hysteria die down and Alex and Zanne were made full X-Men. Marie left with Christian Kane on a mission to avenge Garrison, but discovered she wasn't able to kill, even then, and returned, pausing in Canada on the way to talk to Logan, much more recovered from the Wendigo incident.

Still in Europe, Wanda was the target of some kind of mystical attack, the source of which was found to be the three magic users who had helped anchor Wanda during the Shadow King incident. X-Force, with extra firepower in the form of Morgan, investigated, with all signs pointing to Ghana.

Jean-Phillipe Colbert, after weeks of hesitating, finally confessed to Charles his status as a mole for Magneto. And Blaquesmith, mysterious saviour of the four missing mutants, continued his master plan to kill Apocalypse.


Dec 1 - Nori's parents arrive and begin to find out many things they didn't know about their daughter and the school. Amanda emails Angelo, Kurt and Meggan, checking in. Kevin has his session with Leo and the West Coast Annex is suggested as a potential alternative to the school and its stressors. The Magnificent Seven: Sway discovers Tara Trask, Amber Hunt and Ilyas Saidullayev are in Wakanda also.

Dec 2 - The Magnificent Seven: Cable and Phoenix are discussing options when T'Challa tells them contact has been lost with the border guards; with attacks on the borders and Saidullayev attacking the town of Kanda, Phoenix and Cable deploy to deal with him, leaving Roulette heading the remainder of the team; Emma finds Tara Trask via the astral plane and prepares to pounce; Roulette and Sway attempt to stop the city being shelled; Havok (Squirt) has a run-in with Amber Hunt and manages to outwit her; Emplate and Domino try to protect T'Challa from an attack by the Taygetos mutants; Emma tracks down Trask, but is blindsided by Carly Alvarez; Phoenix and Cable battle Saidullayev, having to resort to a gestalt to take him down as they discover he is using Kick; T'Challa almost sacrifices himself to stop the attack on his city, but at the last moment JeanandNathan recreate the Panther and terrify the opposition into fleeing; Emma has to separate the consciousness of Jean and Nathan from each other; Scott reports on x_team about the situation. The inevitable happens and Julio meets Nori's parents; it's awkward. Adrienne emails Emma about the Hellfire Club.

Dec 3 - The Magnificent Seven: Jennie makes her report; T'Challa tells Nathan that he is going to leave Wakanda for a time to let things settle down; back in the mansion, Nathan complains about having Jean's knowledge left in his head and vice versa; settling Jean in for the night, Scott is amused by evidence their minds are still a bit confused. Jean-Paul feeds an exhausted and grieving Forge. Catseye meets Nori's parents and they are very confused.

Dec 4 - Clarice celebrates the near-end of her exams. Mark is happy about the release of the new Britney Spears album. Wanda gets an old message from during Day Zero from someone claiming to be working for her father; Wanda sets Doug to finding out what happened to him and notifies Remy that it appears he was killed. Jean-Paul and Shiro catch up. Crystal suggests people try and do something positive. Nori's parents encounter her roommate Karolina and things don't go well. Jean-Paul helps Callie with climbing. Jean-Paul and Haller discuss Catseye's issues and Haller is left with the job of teaching her social skills.

Dec 5 - Amara Aquilla returns, meeting Julio and then running into Yvette working in the woods. Julian Keller arrives unexpectedly at the school. Domino is punchy and indulging in a prank war with Nathan; later, Nathan talks to Jean-Paul about possibly going back to Muir. Wanda tells an unimpressed Scott about Magneto's man in the government who wound up dead. Clarice 'ports in on Jean-Paul and winds up sharing the genderswap story. New York Minute: Nori has an explosive fight with her parents and 'goes for a run'; Nori winds up in New York and starts bar-hopping; Yvette comments on the shouting; Nori finds herself a drug dealer to help with things; when she gets out of her depth with two guys, she drains her phone's battery to deal with them and sets off the alarms at the school; Scott is on comms when the alarm comes through and people are sent to search for her. Catseye is excited about helping her brother decorate the tree but then refuses to leave until Nori returns. Jean-Paul comes across a disturbed Yvette and they talk about the missing people.

Dec 6 - New York Minute: Nori winds up asleep in a subway station and is picked up by the police for vagrancy; Scott, Kyle, Terry and Haller go looking for Nori; Kyle and Scott stop a mutant attack; Nathan answers the phone to find Nori is safe, but in jail; Nathan retrieves a most contrite Nori; back at the school, Nori and Julio have it out and decide they want to try to be better with each other. Julian posts to the journal system. Kyle complains about having been out all night looking for Nori. Jennie is curious about the new arrival. Scott gives Zanne and Alex their X-Men tags. Callie helps Julian unpack. Julian meets Nori in the kitchen and gets food.

Dec 7 - Amara announces her return. Ktenology 101: Christian Kane comes to the school with a plan for Marie; Marie, on her way to leave with Christian, runs into Angelo and promises she'll stay in contact; Marie emails Scott to let him know she and Christian are going to look for the people who attacked Garrison's car. Manuel comments on the new student and the security of the mansion in his own special way and Karolina adds to the fire with her own complaints. Julian and Kevin play basketball and Kevin fills Julian in on the mansion. Nathan gets a surprise visit from Rachel and Moira. Jane emails Amanda with gossip, asking when she'll be back. Jan reminds people of the resources available for people to talk. Kevin emails Yvette and takes her out ice-skating to avoid the stress of the discussion on Manuel's journal and he tells her about his potentially leaving; later that night, she falls asleep on Jean-Paul and he has to ask for rescue from Nathan. Jubilee teases Remy about his issues with Manuel and he responds by putting her to work. Morgan congratulates Laurie on dealing with Karolina sanely. Karolina takes off for a while, leaving her phone behind. Clarice decides David Bowie movies are better than debates on safety and winds up having a discussion with Manuel about his point any way. Scott reassures the school all is being done to keep them safe. Kyle noticed Karolina leaving and texts Jan; Jan raises the alarm on the staff comms. Zanne and Jennie hide from the chaos and celebrate Zanne's new status and talk about Jennie kissing/biting Marius. Manuel emails Morgan and they wind up agreeing on the powers sharing experiment for his control. Monet abandons the mansion for a night of drinking and debauchery and on her return, she and Morgan flirt. Julian meets Catseye in cat form and assumes she belongs to the student he talked to on the journals.

Dec 8 - Forge posts a long explanation of why he's displeased with Karolina leaving her phone behind. Manual apologises for upsetting people and he and Morgan arrange to share powers. Clarice emails Forge, less than amused by his post. Paige posts to let people know she is less than amused also, and mourning her brother. Jean-Paul warns people to avoid part of the woods the next day as he's going to be doing powers practice. Julian has his first powers session with Nathan. Jan emails Karolina telling her to see her after class. Crystal emails Forge about holiday plans. Leo lets Kevin know the West Coast Annex will be able to take him. Manuel and Morgan share powers and Morgan gets insight into Manuel's mood issues; Doug knows it's Morgan straight away by body language cues; Morgan emails Adrienne to let her know she's using Manuel's shape and powers, and Adrienne asks her to keep her distance until she changes back. Rachel and Nathan kidnap Jean-Paul for cookies and beer. Jean-Paul announces to his literature students that their books have arrived and sets some rules for casual visits. Jan talks to Karolina about her absconding without her phone and doesn't make much progress; later, Karolina seeks out Callie and gets comfort. Julian introduces himself on his own journal. Jubilee takes Jean-Paul's request for no surprise visitors as a challenge, but at least appears with a bottle of wine.

Dec 9 - Julian emails to Karolina to apologise for doubting the existence of the superhero team in the basement. Morgan-as-Manuel runs into Zanne and apologises for being an ass on the journals, and then flirts with (and makes a date with) Amara. Manuel approaches Jean-Paul about the safety of the students and is rebuffed; Jean-Paul emails Nathan, concerned about his reactions to Manuel and is informed the empath was probably projecting, Nathan removes the remains of an empathic loop from Jean-Paul's mind. Amara meets Julian. Jan meets Julian and invites him to the mall with her.

Dec 10 - Monet zones out in class during an exam. Morgan tells Manuel what she did assuming his form and he's less than impressed. The Magnificent Seven: Nathan asks Marius about what he telepathically did to one of the Taygetos operatives, as his conditioning was broken. Laurie teases Morgan about cuddling Manuel on the couch when they were powers-sharing. Manuel apologises to Jean-Paul for the scene the day before. Lillian Crawley-Jeffries arrives at the school from Canada, sent by Alpha Flight for training and introduces herself on the journals. Crystal delivers take out to Forge with instructions to eat. Shamu escapes temporarily and Jan remarks on it. Crystal emails Terry about an Idea. Doug reports on his vegetarianism and of having apartments cleaned. Karolina teaches Julian how to make vegan hot chocolate.

Dec 11 - Amara suggests Saturday for the bonfire. Julian invites the New Mutants to lunch. Morgan emails Haller, asking about Karolina's situation.; Morgan offers Karolina an option out of self-defence and Karolina accepts; Morgan lets the staff know Karolina will be spending self-defence classes with Haller instead. Wanda emails Kurt about a family Christmas for Amanda. Jan proposes a Winter Ball. Crystal talks to Terry about her plan to arrange a mutant band for a concert. Leo asks for volunteers for his clinic's Christmas fundraiser. Jean-Paul asks Shiro to come with him on his Christmas trip to Canada. Jeannie mourns the death of Bettie Page. Mechanisms of Revenge: Remy announces the lack of action of any kind on Pete's network means he's probably dead and redirects the workload. Scott talks to Lil about her training. Kevin lets Nathan know he's leaving for the West Coast Annex. Scott and Jean-Paul discuss potential New Mutants trainers.

Dec 12 - Mechanisms of Revenge: Pete and Blaquesmith talk over plans to optimise their chances against Apocalypse. Amanda posts to her journal about Pete in response to Remy's announcement. Inez resurfaces to ask the other girls about the new guy. Kevin finishes Catseye's special 'shiny thing' and tells her and then Yvette that he's leaving on Sunday; he and Yvette start work on a special project. Doug asks Marie-Ange to be his date and co-chaperone at the Winter Ball and suggests to Forge a double-date. Lil emails Bishop and arranges a meeting. Kyle is amused at his latest prank on his mother about his real father, until Laurie butts in about him being still angry at her. Manuel proposes something other than their weekly chess game with Bishop. Jean-Phillipe emails Charles, requesting a meeting. Bishop posts a new icon and comments about sneaky photographers. Rachel and Nathan ambush Jean-Paul and a snowball fight ensues. Lil meets Zanne out in the snow, practising with her powers. Lil encounters Manuel massacring cookies.

Dec 13 - Kyle emails Leo and Haller, asking them to keep Laurie away from him. Laurie asks Morgan to take her out drinking in response to the latest issues with Kyle. Bishop and Lil meet, flirt and decide to meet again. Jean-Phillipe confesses to Charles about his involvement with Magneto, and allows a telepathic scan to prove he's not a threat; afterwards, Charles discusses the situation with Scott, who is less than pleased; Jean-Phillipe emails Marie-Ange, Mark and Scott, telling them he's come clean but that he isn't sure what to do next. Angelo kidnaps Doug upon discovering him eating store-bought salsa. Kevin notes today is Jay's birthday, Forge and Manuel honour it with a truce and shared memories of both Jay and Dani. Julian meets Kurt and Triscuit. Sam helps Amara with her bonfire. Bonfire night for the mansion. Julian meets Jean-Paul. Jean-Phillipe gets two visitors - Kurt and Jean-Paul - neither of whom kill him and who are actually supportive, each in his own way. Morgan takes Laurie out drinking and gets details of what's been bothering her.

Dec 14 - Laurie texts Jennie while very drunk; the next morning, Morgan takes care of a hungover Laurie and then runs into Jean-Paul who propositions her - in a male form, of course. Manuel emails Kyle about a request. Bishop emails Wanda, blaming him for a stream of bad luck related to appliances. Wanda tells Amanda she needs her to go to Germany to meet a contact, and lets Remy know it's a ruse. Jennie asks Forge if Laurie got back in and discovers she came home very late. Sam meets up with Morgan again and winds up watching a movie with her. Adrienne crashes after working the Christmas rush at her store. Kevin runs into Sam while leaving a letter for Jay and they talk; Sam helps Kevin set up the memorial sculpture before he leaves; Kevin leaves a number of letters and artwork to those residents he hasn't said a proper goodbye to. Jennie talks to Scott about nightmares of Ahab.

Dec 15 - Laurie comments on her unpleasant wake up call the day before. Jubilee treats people to the Hot Tamale Song. Mark emails Forge, Paige and Sam with miixes of Jay's music they were working on. Leo thanks the volunteers for their help at the clinic. Morgan comes across Nathan and Rachel, returning from the vet after the sudden death of Bella the parrot. A male Morgan and a drunken Jean-Paul return from dinner. Morgan runs across Bishop at the pool, and there is flirting before she invites him to crash on the suite couch for the night. Bishop and Manuel work out instead of playing chess and Manuel lets on he can read more about Bishop than the man realised. Manuel suggests he and Kyle become roommates and Kyle agrees. Doug picks up Marie-Ange at the airport and they go out for dinner.

Dec 16 - Catseye finds a new sleeping buddy in the form of Lil. Angel realises she missed her birthday. Adrienne emails Morgan about the gorgeous man she saw coming home with Jean-Paul the night before. Manuel emails Zanne about the gallery trip Morgan arranged. Julian emails Karo about appropriate birthday gifts for Angel. Paige asks for people to stop telling her there's hope of Jay's survival. Haller tackles the task of explaining privacy to Catseye. Jean-Paul emails Nathan asking for discretion about his drunken night; Morgan emails Jean-Paul teasing him about his 'hot date'. Laurie emails Morgan about finding Bishop on the couch.

Dec 17 - Angel finishes her project - an album of photographs of the missing - and then crashes. Lil posts asking about employment opportunities. Bishop asks Lil to come to the shooting range with him. Lil meets Yvette, and helps her with her chores in a way only someone who is six foot four can. Jane and Callie go dress shopping. Morgan and Kyle talk about his side of things with Laurie. Lil moves into Amara's suite and the two new roomies exchange details.

Dec 18 - Yvette asks for help for a dress to the Winter Ball. Jean-Paul discovers a rat in his room, a gift from Morgan. Ktenology 101: Marie and Christian continue their search, this time in Spain. Bishop and Lil go on their shooting date. Julian comes to collect books from Jean-Paul and meets his new friend. Angel asks if she's able to wear a red dress with her hair colour; Adrienne offers dresses from her modelling agency for use by Xavier's students. Jean posts about the benefits of TK with broken limbs. Wanda emails Scott to tell him her powers broke Bishop. Manuel runs into Callie while carrying tea and gets scalded and an anger loop ensues; Callie posts angrily to her journal not wanting to see anyone; Jean-Paul emails her in concern; Julian tries to find out what is wrong and is rudely rebuffed. Angel meets Julian and a lot of flirting happens; later, in the gym, the flirting continues and Angel accidentally slags a weights machine.

Dec 19 - Manuel goes to Morgan, concerned about what his powers have done to Callie and she pulls him into bed with her to absorb his mimic; together, Manuel and Morgan fix Callie and Morgan has some pointed remarks later about Manuel's continual anger and depression. Julian catches the Apple Ninja at work. Manuel goes to apologise to Jean-Paul for the powers accident. Laurie collapses at tae kwo do and is rushed back to the mansion by Doug; Jean confirms Laurie has pneumonia; Doug asks for a lift back to the dojo to get his car and street clothes. Callie makes Julian cookies to apologise for the previous evening. Nathan teases Jane about her dating Richard Malcolm in Tel Aviv and later she and Julio get their revenge by booby trapping Nathan's office. Scott and Jean have a cute moment over cast art. Jean-Paul is forced to bring the rat to his meditation session with Nate and is mocked.

Dec 20 - Nathan discovers his boobytrapped office. Jane delivers catnip to Catseye. Jean-Paul asks Morgan to look after his new pet, Jenner, while he's away for Christmas.

Dec 21 - Catseye thanks her mystery benefactor for the catnip, and then emails Kyle to ask if he'd like it for Shamu, as she doesn't like the effect it has on her. Manuel emails a list of restaurant options for Christmas and then later posts regarding his plans and is encouraged by Amara to spend at least part of the holiday at the mansion. Amara lets people know she'll be making a Christmas meal for those at the mansion for the holiday. Callie and Jean-Paul exchanges gifts and she meets Jenner the rat.

Dec 22 - The Wall Street Journal carries a story of Frost Enterprises winning a contract over Shaw Industries; Emma emails Nathan about the events in Wakanda. Amanda goes to Berlin to meet Wanda's contact, only to find it's Kurt and Meggan, come to kidnap her to the Szardos Clan for the holidays; later, Amanda gives Meggan her birthday present and they talk about Pete. Jennie makes Christmas jokes from Connecticut. Jean-Paul lets every one know his Christmas plans. Crystal announces her mutant concert plans. Julian has a training session with Nathan. Ktenology 101: Marie and Christian zero in on their target and confirm he's associated with the Brotherhood.

Dec 23 - Mechanisms of Revenge: Nick Fury informs Charles that Apocalypse has been broken out of his prison. Lil asks for clarification on Christmas dinner plans. Lil emails Bishop about a chocolate drought. Amanda thanks Wanda for her surprise, and threatens her with revenge for not coming also. Bishop and Manuel go Christmas shopping for the women in their lives. Manuel sends a clarification email to those going for dinner Christmas Eve. Jean-Paul gets thrown in the lake for his gift to Nathan. Left to rat-sit for Jean-Paul, Morgan wonders on the journals if she can train Jenner to chew on Laurie when she tries to escape. Emma sends Adrienne Christmas greetings. Morgan encourages Adrienne to try talking to Manuel again. Nathan fires Lil from Elpis, for her own good.

Dec 24 - Jean-Paul drops off his remaining Christmas gifts before leaving. Adrienne gate crashes Manuel's swimming session and things go well until Manuel takes offence at being tease-ogled by both Adrienne and Morgan. Shiro and Jean-Paul arrive in Quebec to drive Jean-Paul's old family friend and Shiro gets to hear a lot more about the teacher than Jean-Paul is comfortable with. Adrienne asks Morgan to go to Mass with her.; Morgan posts to the journals asking if anyone else is interested in going. Manuel meets Julian in the rec room writing Christmas cards. Doug visits Laurie and tells her of Master Lee's requirements for when she returns to training.

Dec 25 - Christmas Day. Manuel posts regarding a series of photos Bishop took of him that are now icons. After Mass, Morgan and Adrienne hang out and talk, ending with Adrienne asking Morgan to spend the night; Christmas morning, Adrienne gives Morgan Vanessa's father's watch, taken during the visit back to the house. Morgan texts Adrienne about Manuel being emotion drunk and dancing with her in the hall. Lil posts about the dinner the night before and Christmas Day. Jean-Paul teaches Shiro how to ski and they encounter an old rival of Jean-Paul's; that night they get drunk and trade talk of themselves. Mechanisms of Revenge: Blaquesmith is unhappy to discover Apocalypse is free and Pete is even less happy with some of his proposed solutions.

Dec 26 - Operation: Anansesem: Wanda wakes in the middle of the night in horrible pain; Marie-Ange alerts X-Force and establishes the problem is mystical and that the three magic users who allowed Wanda to use them as an anchor during the attempt to stop the Shadow King have gone missing. Jean-Paul discovers that he most likely used his powers as a teenaged skiing champion and becomes depressed.

Dec 27 - Operation: Anansesem: Wanda tells Amanda she's needed in Germany and can't go with her to England; Remy recruits Morgan to help in Africa. Doug is confused about the gift-wrapped condoms in his server room. Jean-Paul and Shiro return in one piece. Yvette visits Laurie and sets her straight on a few things.

Dec 28 - Mechanisms of Revenge: Garrison and Dani undergo their psychic conditioning. Jean-Paul emails Scott letting him know he can't take over the New Mutants' training. Ktenology 101: Marie and Christian track down their suspect and torture a singular lack of information out of him; Christian gives Marie the option to kill the man and when she refuses, does it instead. Lil posts about watching the Sound of Music for the holidays and a thread conversation between Adrienne and Morgan gets disturbing. Zanne thanks Manuel for her Christmas gift and plans are made for their outing.

Dec 29 - Terry escapes from her in-laws and asks for sanctuary. Callie posts from Italy and announces she and her father will be travelling to Croatia for two weeks. Manuel emails Lil about her mood swings in her journal and the 'coupon' she gave Bishop; Lil threatens Bishop with violence if he tells Manuel about the coupon at the same time Manuel emails him asking about it. Morgan thanks Manuel for her Christmas present and then proceeds to fill the fridge with venison with it. Jean-Paul explains to Scott about cheating with his powers and gets some good advice. Morgan, wearing her Daniel body, manages to coax Jean-Paul into having some fun instead of moping. Operation: Anansesem: In Germany, Amanda, Marie-Ange and Mark discover it's likely the missing German mage did not commit suicide and that maps of ley lines in Ghana are missing. Adrienne and Lil meet over cigarettes and talk about the infamous journal thread. Adrienne helps Terry dress for Crystal's concert.

Dec 30 - On the way back from her trip with Christian Kane, Marie stops in Canada and seeks out a much recovered Logan. Meggan wishes everyone a happy Christmas and New Year. Morgan posts a Quentin Crisp quote in her journal that bothers Manuel. Jan is excited about a Pennsylvania Peep drop for New Year's. Bishop emails Manuel and gives him some advice about letting others dictate his reactions; Jennie offers booze and sanctuary; Bishop offers a challenge to the rest of the mansion to prove something to Manuel. Lil asks Bishop out for New Year's. Operation: Anansesem: In Japan, Doug, Sarah and Sofia reflect on their lack of anything useful, except that a lot of research on summoning magics is missing; Farouk takes Wanda to England and Romany Wisdom; Romany tries to identify the problem but it drives Wanda into another fit; in Africa, Remy's team comes across a complication in the form of a child prostitution ring and take down Gambit's old contact, the White Ghost. Laurie goes to apologise to Kyle and winds up being hauled down to Jean. Jean-Phillipe emerges for food and continues his conversation with Yvette about his connection to Magneto. Sam encounters Inez in the gym after a particularly bad day at work in town.

Dec 31 - Jean-Paul and Catseye make a new start. Jean-Paul makes a lot of venison dishes from Morgan's deer. Operation: Anansesem: Betsy and Emma arrive in London and manage to pry some of the source of Wanda's problem from her mind, at a cost. Nathan wishes everyone a Happy New Year from Muir. Monet and Kurt see in the New Year together.


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