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The Wendigo
Portrayed by Wampa
Known Aliases:
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Wendigo (plot)


A Native Canadian cannibal spirit, the Wendigo is a powerful and fearsome opponent.


Name: Wendigo

Aliases: none

Affiliation: none

First appearance: January 6, 2008

Family: N/A


The Wendigo is a tuurngaq, or untied spirit of Inuit mythology. Because these spirits are considered untied to either the land nor the animals or people, they are commonly seen as creatures of emotion and whims, mostly manifesting with dark or evil connotations. The wendigo is one of the most powerful; a tuurngaq that is attracted to acts of cannibalism. Once manifested, the only way to stop the Wendigo is to drive out the tuurngaq using powerful rituals. Once the tuurngaq of the wendigo has been called, it often haunts an area for an undetermined amount of time, looking to prolong the violence it can cause. It is drawn especially to women.


When the tuurngaq possesses a person, they undergo a frightening physical change, growing to almost twelve feet and being covered in shaggy, white fur. Despite its size, the Wendigo is extrordinarily fast and can cover distances at great speed. It is all but immune to harm, but it can feel pain; attacks feed its constant state of rage. The Wendigo can lift dozens of tonnes, and seems to be immune to the effects of cold or exhaustion. It prefers to fight using its razor sharp claws and teeth, and hunts maximizing its speed to capture prey.


Wendigo (plot)


Socked by: Dex

PB: Wampa