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Location: Wakanda
First Seen: The Mask of Ozymandias

Wakanda is a small nation in southeastern Africa, known for its production of vibranium. A stable republic, it coordinates the regulation of vibranium with the UN.

The first direct contact between folk from Xavier's and Wakanda was when Ororo Munroe led a small team of X-Men to assist T'Challa, the tribal king of Wakanda, in putting an end to a conflict with a mutant arms dealer trying to smuggle vibranium out of the country.

Their next visit was almost as tumultuous, as Ororo, Nathan and Jean were caught up in a psychic and spiritual battle between two forces from the dawn of Wakanda's history. They helped restore Wakanda to normality, further cementing the X-Men's bond with the country.

The X-Men returned to Wakanda to prevent another assassination attempt against T'Challa, and were caught up in a Tara Trask-inspired plot that involved the invasion of the country by rogue elements of the Kenyan and Tanzanian armies. Though the Wakanda military won the day, there were casualties and a great deal of damage, a state of affairs compounded by T'Challa's decision to leave the country because of the revival of the Panther Cult following the events of the summer.


The Mask of Ozymandias - (mentioned)

Great Rift

Red God

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