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Item: Vibranium
First Seen: The Mask of Ozymandias

Vibranium is a noble metal that is unusually stable despite having an atomic number of over 200. While it alloys well with other metals, it has not been able to be synthesized artificially, making it incredibly valuable and rare due to the metal's unique properties.

Vibranium has a unique atomic structure that allows it to absorb kinetic energy, converting it through an unknown reaction into strong and weak force. Scientists theorize that this is the reason for vibranium's uncharacteristic stability for an element with such a high atomic mass. In practical use, vibranium is used for sound dampening applications as well as experimental structural engineering.

The only known natural supply of vibranium comes from the small African republic of Wakanda, and due to its scarcity all known exports of vibranium are tracked and catalogued both by the Wakandan government and by an independent United Nations committee.

In 2006, a tribal mask containing over fifteen pounds of vibranium in an alloyed form was recovered by Gambit, Rogue, and Storm and turned over to Nick Fury, an agent of the highly-classified SHIELD organization.

In 2007, Ororo led a small team of X-Men to support T'Challa, the tribal king of Wakanda, as he worked to put a stop to vibranium smugglers led by William Moses.


The Mask of Ozymandias

Great Rift