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William Moses - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Tara Trask
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: Great Rift

William Moses was a powerful energy-projector, and one of Africa's premier arms dealers.


Name: William Moses

Aliases: Several

Affiliation: Tara Trask

First appearance: July 19, 2007

Family: unknown


Born in South Africa, Moses followed in his father's footsteps as an arms dealer, but reached a level of success his father never did. After nearly a dozen years of establishing himself throughout Africa, he turned his attention to Wakanda, intrigued by the potential military applications of vibranium. He managed to establish a successful smuggling operation, eluding both the UN and the Wakandan military for some time.

When T'Challa, the tribal king of Wakanda and a fellow mutant, tried to stop him, Moses hired additional mercenaries, including a number of mutants, and sent them out against Wakandan villages in retaliatory attacks. T'Challa tracked him down and confronted him directly, and Moses used his force blasts against him, leaving him for dead. It was not until T'Challa was joined by Ororo Munroe and a small team of X-Men that Moses's smuggling operations were stopped and he himself was taken into custody.

Though he was safely transported out of the country to a secure holding facility to face charges, while awaiting trial he was broken out of custody. His unknown liberators requested a favor in return - they asked him to travel to the US to assassinate T'Challa at a hydrology conference, something Moses was happy enough to do. He was forestalled by the intervention of Ororo and Nathan Dayspring, who electrocuted and tossed him in the East River, respectively.

Retreating, Moses found himself a fugitive, unable to get back to Africa. He made it back out of the United States and over the border into Canada, where one of Trask's people hid him for close to three months, at her order. After returning from Chechnya with Saidullayev, Trask came to meet him, offering him the opportunity to remain and keep working with her. Though he was wary, he was intrigued by her and her ideas. He would go on to work with her people on the assassination of a Russian bishop, and possibly other operations unknown to the X-Men. He was killed in Morocco by Irene Merryweather when he led a team of Trask's people to kidnap Nathan in order to protect him from Taygetos.


Moses is a mutant with the ability to produce very powerful blasts of concussive force, easily enough to destroy buildings. Unlike Cyclops, he does so through his hands.


Great Rift


X-Men Mission: Becket



Moses was loosely based on the comics canon character, Moses Magnum.

Formerly socked by: Erin