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Dates run: December 20, 2007
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: Warumbe

I say we get him somewhere away from people and kick his ass.

When the king of Wakanda comes to New York, trouble follows, and Nathan and Ororo find themselves caught in the middle.


Nathan Dayspring, Ororo Munroe

T'Challa, William Moses


December 20, 2007

Plot Summary

Discovering he would be in New York for a hydrology conference, T'Challa arranged to meet Ororo and Nathan for dinner, as the three of them had kept in touch and continued to develop a friendship since their encounter that summer. When they came to meet him at his hotel, Nathan sensed the presence of a sniper just in time to shield T'Challa. Leaving Ororo to get herself and the Wakanda king to cover, he pursued the sniper, only to discover that it was William Moses, thought to be in custody following his capture in Wakanda. Moses knocked him off a building with his force blasts, and although Nathan shielded himself from the impact, he also wasted no time in joining the others for a strategic retreat.

Ororo contacted the mansion, arranging to meet the Blackbird at the harbor for a discreet pick-up. Though T'Challa and Nathan wanted to find a safe place to confront Moses and resolve the situation that way, she pointed out that there were too many civilians around and it would be better for all if they got back to the mansion, and then developed a plan. Her worries were soon to be proved accurate as Moses tracked them into a crowded subway station as they made their way towards the harbor. He attacked the structure itself to keep Nathan occupied while he went after T'Challa. When T'Challa was knocked out in the subsequent fight, Ororo, who had been trying to get the civilians out of the crumbling station, was forced to intervene. She made use of the third rail to electrocute Moses (despite her burned-out powers, she still possessed the physical mutations allowing her to conduct electricity safely), and the king and the two X-Men retreated once more.

They reached the harbor safely, although Nathan was exhausted from his effort at the subway station. Surprisingly, they found themselves facing Moses one more time as the man continued to display an uncanny ability to track them (as well as a surprising level of resilience). After a brief, fierce fight with T'Challa, which ended with the Wakandan king at his mercy, Moses was thrown into the river by Nathan's exoskeleton. The Blackbird arrived soon afterwards, whisking the two X-Men and T'Challa back to the mansion.

Soon afterwards, T'Challa discovered that someone had broken Moses out of custody, with the understanding that he would then do them a service - namely, travel to the US to kill T'Challa. Nathan and Ororo were left with the mystery of precisely who else wanted their friend dead, as T'Challa returned safely to Wakanda.

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Trivia and Meta


T'Challa was forced to stay at the mansion for a couple of days while the Wakanda government arranged for safe transport home. While he was there, Nathan jokingly encouraged the students to remember that he was a king and refer to him as 'your Majesty'. Unfortunately, the Stepford Cuckoos took him seriously.


Plotrunner: Alicia