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With the assistance of Amanda Sefton, a team of X-Men managed to locate the missing Nico Minoru, Doreen Green and Crystal Amaquelin in an abandoned mine in Wyoming. They had been taken by Nico's parents, who planned to use Nico in a ritual that would protect them from a demon they called "The First", the being from whom the family's magical ability had come. Something went wrong as Nico was possessed by Arcana Minoru, the First Minoru, the witch who had made the bargain with the demon in the first place. Nico's parents were barely rescued from death at the hands of the outraged ancestor, and in a surprising turn of events, Arcana declared Nico was "not ready" and allowed Amanda to force her out with the Staff of One. The trauma of the ritual triggered Nico's mutation, the need to feed off living energy and Nico spent several weeks hiding from everyone in her room, until Jean Grey and Amanda came up with a plan to help the girl.

Megan Gwynn returned from London, where she had been searching unsuccessfully for her sister. Jean-Paul Beaubier continued trying to learn to control his concussive blasts, with mixed results. Amara Aquilla talked about leaving the X-Men.

X-Factor officially concluded the search for Nick, with no trace of him. The search of Telford Porter was more successful, with safe houses found in New York and Madripoor, even as at the same time, Doug Ramsey was attacked by an unknown assassin.

Marie-Ange Colbert, still in New Orleans, gave herself to New Orleans Guilds| the head of the Assassin's Guild in an attempt to buy more time to prevent the prophecy that had caused her to flee X-Force and her boyfriend so abruptly.

At the end of the year, two old faces made a return: Nanny and the Orphan Maker. Having escaped from jail and hospital respectively, it seemed they were up to their old tricks again when the Hayes family in L.A. was attacked and the house burnt to the ground.


Dec 1 - The Gift: Amanda 'ports to LA and joins the X-Men in looking for Nico and the others, narrowing their location to Wyoming.

Dec 2 - The Gift: Crystal, Nico and Dori discover they are prisoners of Nico's parents, who plan to use Nico in some kind of ritual.

Dec 3 - The Gift: Amanda and the X-Men track down the Minorus' hiding place but encounter opposition from the Minoru cultists; the ritual continues, with Nico possessed by the First Minoru, Arcana; Julian frees Crystal and an unconscious Dori while Amanda faces down Arcana; Kurt helps protect the Minorus from Arcana and Arcana explains to Amanda that Nico isn't "ready" yet and that she'll return; Amanda uses the Staff of One to cast Arcana out of Nico's body, only to discover that the ritual has triggered Nico's mutation - the ability to drain energy from living things.

Dec 4 -

Dec 5 - Amara talks to Garrison about leaving the X-Men.

Dec 6 -

Dec 7 - Yvette sends an email out to the Elpis group in order to find out more information about her father. Jean and Jean-Paul work on using anger as a trigger for his concussive blasts but have trouble finding a way to make him angry that won't damage their friendship.

Dec 8 - After spending a few days in London, Amanda lets everyone know that she's back in the office. Vanessa informs Kurt that she hasn't had a single decent lead on Nick. Fianchetto: Vanessa gets volunteers from X-Factor to help confirm Telford Porter's activities in Madripoor.

Dec 9 - Amara announces in her journal that HeliX is hosting a Christmas party/fundraiser next week. Laurie complains about being given more school work. Fianchetto: While out and about in the city, Doug gets attacked by an assassin and ends up killing the man; Amanda comments about Doug's appearance in a journal post; Doug informs X-Force about it.

Dec 10 -

Dec 11 -

Dec 12 - Garrison and Logan watch hockey and Logan asks Garrison to use his FBI contacts to possibly track down some of Logan's past in Japan.

Dec 13 - John reposts his New Year's resolutions from two years before and reflects on his progress, plus reveals he has found a rat, which Amara proceeds to claim as a pet.

Dec 14 - John texts Angelo asking if accepting the rat means Amara is into him. Jean asks for help with Christmas shopping. Fianchetto: Vanessa and Laura find what is possibly one of Telford Porter's safehouses and stake it out to be sure; Bishop reports finding Porter's brothel in Madripoor.

Dec 15 - Upon dropping off a letter from Lil to Jean-Paul, Garrison winds up talking about the precarious state of the Flight program and Jean-Paul offers his help in discovering who killed the Alpha Flight team. Yvette asks about people's plans for the holiday.

Dec 16 - Jubilee notices Marie-Ange has recently used her passport to go to France, which Doug explains as a holiday visit. Laurie asks that people not describe her powers as being smelly, which results in banter with Kyle, to which she responds by nerfing him in the ear. Garrison and Jean have an amusing Danger Room session involving an Incan pyramid in a jungle.

Dec 17 - Jean and Amanda discuss what to do with Nico, which leads to Amanda's own experiences in life draining.

Dec 18 - Yvette checks on Klara and finds her in the greenhouse, practicing her powers.

Dec 19 - Amanda takes Nico out to a local county park so she can recharge and lays down some ground rules for Nico's new mutation.

Dec 20 - Megan announces her return. Fianchetto: Back in Denver for Christmas, Doug finds out from his sister Katie that she's gay.

Dec 21 - Megan explains why she was in England and that she was unsuccessful in tracking her sister down.

Dec 22 - Yvette suggests an ice skating outing to the students. Kurt wishes Meggan a happy 18th birthday and Amanda gives her a pendant.

Dec 23 - Jean lets people know she'll be at the West Coast Annex spending Christmas with Scott. Megan wishes Meggan a happy birthday.

Dec 24 - Megan posts a collage of the photos she took in England (with some public access additions). New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: Marie-Ange buys herself some more time by sleeping with New Orleans Guilds|Daniel Boudreaux and they discuss her options in preventing the future she saw relating to New Orleans Guilds|Shirow Ishihara.

Dec 25 - Jan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Dec 26 - Piotr wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Dec 27 - The Best Deceptions: The New York Times reports on the escape of Francine Macarthur-Jacobs (aka Nanny), from prison. During the student skating outing, Yvette and Megan talk powers training and school sports; Artie and Dori bond over expensive hot chocolate and avoiding bullies; Nico points out to Meggan that a guy is interested in her, although he turns out to be a bit of a jerk.

Dec 28 - The Best Deceptions: Peter Macarthur-Jacobs (aka the Orphan-Maker) is rescued mid-transport. Kyle explains why he roots for the Detroit Lions and other bits of NFL trivia.

Dec 29 - Continuing a discussion with Kyle, Laurie posts a list of sports that are generally not considered sports. Amanda leaves Bishop a birthday gift for the next day.

Dec 30 - Vanessa encounters Hank in District X and a friendly kidnapping for coffee turns into a chase after a purse snatcher.

Dec 31 - Crystal wishes everyone a Happy New Year. The Best Deceptions: In California, the Hayes family are attacked by the Orphan Maker, seeking to take their daughter Molly, but the mutant status of both parents means things go more awry than intended and Dr. Gene Hayes accidentally kills their neighbour, requiring them to flee. Megan finds Julian working on his car and they discuss her quest to London, his misadventures in L.A. and the awesomeness of his car.


The Gift


The Best Deceptions

New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

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