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Danielle "Mirage" Moonstar arrived at the school, suffering from powers issues related to her pregnancy. Manuel de la Rocha continued to try and rebuild his life with no memories of his past, with varying degrees of success. He and Amanda Sefton also began rebuilding their relationship. Scott Summers and Betsy Braddock ended their relationship. Moira MacTaggart and Nathan Dayspring found out they were expecting a baby. Wanda Maximoff gave Amanda news of her birth family, and the witch reacted badly. Kurt Wagner reacted better to the news his little sister had been found, but was concerned about what it meant for the family. Scott talked to to Kyle Gibney about controlling his temper in the wake of the fight with Jay Guthrie. Amanda acted as facilitator between Nathan and Domino when her seduction of him in Volgograd was cast in a different light. Scott and Alex Summers went to Alaska to join their grandparents for the holidays, with Lorna Dane joining them later. Forge agreed to visit the reservation with Dani in an attempt to get perspective on his native heritage. A large chunk of the school went to Muir Island for New Years, only to have the party crashed by Moira's ex husband Joe MacTaggart and Proteus. Henry McCoy resurfaced.

Marie-Ange Colbert continued needing help with her precognition. Nathan had a breakthrough with his precognition due to the Askani and Alison Blaire. Alison's recovery continued slowly, until the events of Shattered which resulted in her being cured and Cain Marko severely injured in a training incident. Alison went with Madelyn Bartlet to give her statement against her stalker, captured during the events of One To The Chest and they got into a bar fight.

When it became known that an unscrupulous business man known as Arcade was selling the Cerebro files stolen in X2, Remy LeBeau gathered a team of students and teachers to go on the ultimate heist - in Las Vegas. Following Remy's Eleven, Nathan took Amanda to a mystic site in Arizona to recharge, and then continued on to New Mexico for a roadtrip.

Catseye's shapeshifting proved embarrassing to the mansion's boy population. Nathan was blinded by over-exerting his powers in the events of Shattered. Remy met Miles Blaire and was faced with the consequences of the Morlock Massacre, driving him to drink. Dani had several powers incidents where she projected people's worst fear at them inadvertently.


Dec. 1 - Unwell: Nathan finds Marie-Ange outside and takes drastic measures to fix her problem, with some success. Amanda heals Jubilee of her injuries, but it doesn't quite go to plan. Alison manages to stop glowing.

Dec. 2 - Nathan has a breakthrough with his own precognition with help from Alison and her very, very sneaky Askani tutor. Scott gets reacquainted with Manuel and tells him a little about the recent past.

Dec. 3 - Moira has a checkup and discovers that she's pregnant. Nathan finds Betsy in link-shock and tries to offer some advice. Moira gives Nathan her news.

Dec. 4 - Remy's Eleven: Remy, Pete and Nathan begin planning to steal back some Cerebro files from the wrong hands.

Dec. 5 - Remy's Eleven: Remy and Nathan break into a designer's office for a look at the plans to Arcade's building and what they find is not promising; Remy calls in the prospective team to rob Arcade, and gets unilateral agreement to go. Nathan tells Cain about the baby and asks him to keep an eye on Moira while he's gone. Alison manages to sleep without chemical assistance. Shiro goes to Scott for a college recommendation, and they talk about the future.

Dec 6 - Remy's Eleven: The Remy's Eleven team assemble in Las Vegas, and find out just how insane the job is; Nathan and Haroun go to the Luxor, to talk some things over away from the others. Madelyn feeds Scott cookies and gets him to actually talk.

Dec. 7 - Remy's Eleven: Nathan gets to roust the Remy's Eleven girls out of bed for early-morning training, under much protest. Terry and Nathan chat while scoping out the casino and he invites her to Muir Island for the holidays.

Dec. 8 - Remy's Eleven: Nathan catches Jubilee gloating about being better at rappelling than Amanda, and they have a Talk; Nathan watches Wanda in action distracting the guards; Forge and Doug finally find the system they can't beat, but Remy has a solution. Romani Road Trip: Wanda meets Amanda for lunch and gives her some news about the search for her family.

Dec. 9 - Scott puts Alison back to work, giving her something fun to do. Alison and Madelyn go to talk to the FBI about Alison's stalker, then go shopping - followed by a bar brawl. Manuel and Kyle go swimming, and Manuel discovers that he remembers how. Remy's Eleven: Amanda calls Angelo the night before the raid, and they exchange news. Doug is given a palatial suite at the casino as a high roller, and Forge is put in a suitcase.

Dec. 10 - Madelyn drags Manuel out for coffee. Remy's Eleven: After breaking the poker bank, Doug and Nathan support Forge as he finds a way to tap into the system.

Dec. 11 - Remy's Eleven comes to a conclusion, mostly as planned. Nathan accidentally lets slip to Haroun about the baby. Nathan takes Amanda to a nearby mystical site so she can recharge.

Dec. 12 - Madelyn and Scott discover that his powers are solar-charged, and that sun makes him hyper. Dani Moonstar arrives at the mansion.

Dec. 13 - Madelyn and Jubilee make holiday plans. Nathan and Wanda have an interesting talk about the Askani and propaganda. Jubilee confronts Scott about avoiding her, and he throws her for a loop. Amanda brings Angelo his present from Las Vegas. Moira gives Amanda some motherly advice. Nathan visits Kyle to talk to him after his room-trashing outburst. Kurt and Madelyn go dancing. Alison has a late-night IM conversation with MacInnis. Angelo takes Bella the parrot out in the snow, and later collects his present from Nathan - a dreamcatcher.

Dec. 14 - Shattered: While helping Alison with an experiment to gain control of her laser powers, something goes horribly awry and changes Cain Marko forever; it takes intervention from Moira, Nathan, Amanda and Professor Xavier to save him; Dr. Stephen Strange brings Amanda the Orb of Fortis to recharge with. Kitty takes Manuel dancing.

Dec. 15 - Shattered: The Professor informs Nathan that what he did burned away the scar tissue in his mind, allowing a chance of healing; Alison wakes up completely healed, and Haroun is there to calm her down. Shiro and Alex meet outside so Shiro can show off and Alex can test a theory. Catseye accidentally pushes Forge down the stairs, then mortifies him by turning into a naked teenage girl.

Dec. 16 - Scott tells Alex their grandparents are alive. Amanda visits Manuel's dreams and they start a slow rebuilding. Jubilee gets dragged into Nathan's nightmares.

Dec. 17 - Alison finds Forge rebuilding the musical equipment. Domino visits Nathan but he has a very unusual reaction, witnessed by Alison, and Domino leaves. Alison follows and the subsequent conversation solves an old mystery but opens a whole new can of worms. Bridge feeds Amanda and they talk. Later, Domino comes to Amanda looking for comfort. Alison starts training again.

Dec. 18 - Amanda plays facilitator and gets Domino and Nathan to talk about Volgograd. Amanda semi-collapses of exhaustion halfway up the stairs and Theo carries her the rest of the way, claiming her as Pack. Bridge tells Haroun a few things about Domino, then agrees to get word to his family. Remy gives Miles a Juggernaut plushie and they have a nice chat... right up until Miles mentions being a Morlock. Domino goes to let Alison know how things went to Nathan, to Alison's relief. Madelyn tries to save Remy from drinking himself to death, but it doesn't go well.

Dec. 19 - Scott and Betsy go for a drive in the snow, and find an ending. Alex finds Scott hiding in the library and tries to get him to stop moping. Forge sets Nathan up with a computer interface until his sight comes back. Jubilee confronts Nathan about the nightmare incident, until she realizes that when he's blind and in pain just might not be the best time. Nathan and Moira decide it's time to publicly announce her pregnancy. Manuel and Clarice spar with swords, but it ends awkwardly when he kisses her.

Dec. 20 - Jubilee comes looking for a way to help Cain, and she and Amanda talk about many things. Manuel and Amanda... get reacquainted, on Boiler Beach. Miles is mean to Leyu.

Dec. 21 - Dani and Forge get to know each other and he agrees to go to the reservation. Haroun and Alison try to have a normal day, but it's interrupted by one winged boy and one small dragon being blown off course through their window, and said dragon's owner coming to the rescue.

Dec. 22 - Romani Road Trip: Wanda tells Kurt what she's found out about Amanda, and Kurt goes to Madelyn and then Nathan for advice on where to go from here.

Dec. 23 - Forge gets a taste of what Dani's uncontrolled power can do. Scott and Alex arrive at their grandparents' for the holidays.

Dec. 24 - Dani volunteers for work in the kitchen. She and Lorna go shopping, but she has another powers attack before they get back.

Dec 25 - Nathan wakes up to find that his sight is coming back.

Dec. 27 - Amanda arrives on Muir for the holiday.

Dec. 28 - Scott has a long talk with his grandfather, involving some helpful advice. Miles has an Important Question for Haroun, leading Haroun and Alison to have a Serious Talk.

Dec. 29 - Hank calls Madelyn, and accidentally admits to not being on holiday. Lorna goes out to Alaska to join Alex and meet his grandparents.

Dec. 30 - Shiro and Alex talk over IM and Alex comes up with a dastardly plan. Nathan shows Haroun around Muir and gives him some advice about his relationship with Alison.

Dec. 31 - Kitty and Jamie take an important step in their relationship. Madelyn spends the night on Cain duty. Proteus: New Year's Eve at Muir is interrupted by Joe MacTaggart showing up with a certain Proteus in tow. Fortunately, the combined power at the castle is enough to stop his plans. Nathan finds Shiro in the kitchen and makes his opinion of Shiro's behaviour very clear.




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