Summers Family

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Summers Family
Portrayed by Tom Selleck; Richard Jenkins; Rue McClanahan
Known Aliases: Phillip and Deborah; Christopher and Katharine Summers
Affiliations: Scott Summers and Alex Summers
Socked By: Sockers required
Introduction: December 2004; X-Men Mission: Nicobar Reef

Though the Summers brothers lost their parents at an early age, they were reintroduced to their grandparents and have since become quite close to them. Recently, they discovered that their father was also alive.


First appearance: December 2004

Christopher Summers
A former Air Force pilot who got himself into soem kind of unspecified trouble, Christopher Summers was presumed dead for many years, killed in the airplane crash that killed his wife and injured his eldest son, Scott. He reappeared in March 2008 as the pirate 'Corsair', living in Madripoor. For further details, see the Starjammers page.

PB: Tom Selleck

Katherine Summers
mother, deceased
Blonde and blue-eyed like her son, Alex, Kate was deeply devoted to her husband and sons, before she was killed in the plane crash that separated the family for many years.

PB: None.

Phillip Summers
paternal grandfather
Phillip summers.jpg
The owners of a charter airline in Alaska, Phillip and wife were astounded to learn their grandsons were still alive, having believed their son and his entire family had been killed in the plane crash. A quiet, practical man, he and Scott are particularly close. He suffered a heart attack in August 2008, but has largely recovered.

PB: Richard Jenkins

Deborah Summers
paternal grandmother
Deborah summers.jpg
Deborah is intent on making up for the lost years without her grandsons, frequently surprising them with care packages and calling them with grandmotherly advice. She and Alex are very close, their sunny, friendly personalities meshing.

PB: Rue McClanahan


Phase 1

Christopher Summers was an Air Force test pilot. He and his wife Kate lived in Alaska for much of their sons' early lives, but Christopher's career forced a move south when Alex was eight and Scott was fifteen. Their plane ran into difficulties and although the boys were saved when they were pushed out of the plane, sharing the only parachute, their parents both apparently died in the crash.

Alex and Scott went through a number of years thinking that they had lost all of their family in the crash, including each other, until they reconnected when Alex came to the attention of Charles Xavier, who sent Scott to pick him up and bring him to the school. Charles also located Scott and Alex's grandparents, after some searching. Phillip and Deborah Summers run a small private air charter company in Anchorage, Alaska, and had spent the intervening years believing that their son, his wife, and their grandchildren had all died in the crash.

Scott and Alex quickly became very close with their grandparents. Phillip and Scott shared a deep love of flying, and Alex was happy to just bask in his grandmother's love. They spent Christmas there in 2004 and 2005, at which point Scott and Jean gave in to the fact that they would never successfully plan a 'big' wedding and eloped.

Phillip and Deborah quickly learned that their grandsons were trouble magnets of a very special sort. They came down to Seattle to visit Scott in the hospital after he lost his eye doing riot-control work, and looked after him when he fled to Alaska after Jean left him. They also traveled to Westchester to spend time with Alex after he was kidnapped by Daniel Lyman, who forced Scott to trade himself for his brother. In December 2006, Scott invited them to Westchester for the holiday, planning to introduce them to Jean's family, something long overdue.

In 2008, Scott made the astounding discovery that their father had indeed not been killed in the crash, but kidnapped and sold into slavery in Madripoor. He had since freed himself and, thinking that his sons were dead, had embarked upon a somewhat distinguished criminal career. The Summers brothers are beginning to reestablish ties with their father, although Alex is rather more enthusiastic about the prospect than Scott.

A mild heart attack for Phillip meant a return visit to Alaska for Jean, Scott and Alex. Phillip recovered and the visit provided the family with a chance to discuss and begin to adapt to the changes of the year.

Phase 2


Phase 1

One-Eyed King

Not So Plain Jane

Search and Rescue

X-Men Mission: Nicobar Reef

Phase 2


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